Issue No. 4 (30 September 2020)

30 Sep 2020

SHTEPI House – MaD Week

Shtepi House Make a Difference Week, run by the House Leaders, aimed to raise awareness about world literacy, equality in education for all and to celebrate the love of books and reading. Our House Charity ‘Room to Read’ who support and promote children’s literacy in Asia and Africa, will use the money we raised to continue to create local language reading materials, teacher training and girls’ education programs throughout the world.

Thank you to all of the students, parents and our whole school family for the generous donations. This year we collected $10,432.90

A spectacular effort, considering we only had Year 7 – 10 in school. 

The 3 events run by the House team were

  1. BOOK TOWER Challenge

1st place: Michele and Jason Liu (13S1 and 11S1) 284cm!

2nd place: Corliss Young (7N1) 255cm! 

3rd place: Carina Koo (8M1) 216cm!

  1. Tutor Group – BOOK TRIVIA Quiz

Winning Tutor Group 9M2

Winning House – SHTEPI (Most number of correct answers)

  1. Dress as a BOOK CHARACTER – Challenge

Prizes on the Lower Playground went to- 

Most Outstanding – Driss Lavaud (7K1) – Sasuke

Best Construction –Isabel ChOY /  Anna -Sophie  ABE   (7C2)

Most Creative- Lizzie Stanton Louis McLaughlin (8B1)

Most Unique-William ZHANG  (8K2)

Best Group Effort –Kaitlin McKee, Poppy Bushell, Ella Lowe and Sunehri Sharia ( 9C2)

At Home’ challenge specialmentions to –

Louis CHOI – 7C1

Camille PHIEU-PAROSOT (7N2) 

Shina TAMAKI ( 7S1) 

Thanks to Ms Andrews (and Aidan), Mr Thums, Mrs Cook, Mr Roberts and all the students who dressed up to celebrate BOOK Character DAY! All winners and place-getters will receive interhouse points for their HOUSE! Well Done.

30 Sep 2020

Year 7 Music

During our zoom lessons, students learnt about musical elements through composition and listening activities. Rori Town created a beautiful piece with pre-recorded loops in GarageBand. This piece demonstrates original thought with a clear musical structure.

30 Sep 2020

Year 8 Music

Year 8 students have spent the last few weeks creating their own music compositions, using the software MuseScore. Compositions have been based on two different tonalities, major and minor, which create contrasting moods. Congratulations to Ian Park who successfully received full marks for his composition, titled ‘Rainfall’.

Congratulations to our IB Graduates! South Island School 2024 IB Results are now available! Please find themHERE
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