15 Dec 2015

Year 9 Media & Pathbrite Courses

Students opting for Year 9 Media have been using the Pathbrite platform to upload work, receive feedback and access teaching resources. This has provided ease of access to both students and teachers with some outstanding work submitted. Across the four classes opting for Media, we have selected the work of one ardent user per class. Their work features the recently completed photography unit in which students studied a range of photographers and photographic techniques. Each week students attempted to apply the theory covered in class time, culminating in a photobook hosted by www.weebly.com

Photos shot by:

  • Class 101: Sophie Hafner & Shreya Ghosh (Taught by Mr. Tom Lee and Mr. Iain Williamson)
  • Class 102: Nicholas Ng (Taught by Ms. Sally Stanton)
  • Class 103: Yan Phu (Taught by Mr. Iain Williamson)
  • Class 104: Shiva Guranath (Taught by Ms. Larisa Curran)