22 May 2020

Year 7 – Food Design

In DT we are trying to push practical lessons this term. For Y7 food design we are giving the students simple recipes/tasks that they can do at home, under supervision. Through the lens of My Health and Well being the brief this week was to design and present fruit so it would encourage young teenagers to eat it as part of their diet. They were asked to present fruit as a salad or an animal using previous research to produce a final outcome. Here are some of the students’ fantastic ‘fruits of their labours’.

Jayden Cheung – Pear peacock.

Jasmine Liew – Fruitiks cube

Iris Donovan – Apple and strawberry monsters.

Natalie Chow – Kiwi turtle in a sea of fruit. (spot the turtle)

Alexis Liew – I heart fruit

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