Issue No. 11 (10 November 2017)

4 Dec 2017

Upcoming Important Dates (Term 1)


A few important dates are listed here for your convenience. This is NOT a complete list.

30 Nov – Y11 Options Presentation to Parents @Space
2 Dec – 24-Hour Race @Peak
6 Dec – ESF 50th Anni Gala Dinner @HKCEC
7 Dec – HKAYP Goal Presentation @Atrium
7 Dec – Y9 Options presentation to Parents
12 Dec – Christmas Concert
15 Dec – Whole School Assembly @Hall
18 Dec-5 Jan – Term 1 Christmas School Holiday

To view all events, please visit our ‘LIVE Calendar

10 Nov 2017

Year11 Mock Examinations

Year 11 will be having full mock examinations at the end of this term. The study leave/ exam weeks will begin on December 4th through until December 15th. Students have already been given their timetables. There will be oral examinations taking place prior to this time. These are very important examinations for Year 11 and students do need to be fully prepared. The PLC programme, delivered by Tutors,  is supporting this at present.

10 Nov 2017

Traffic Congestion

It is becoming very dangerous when parents and drivers drop students outside the school gate on Nam Fung Road. It is causing congestion with school buses leaving and cars stopping the flow of traffic. It is then causing students to have to walk outside the barriers to get to the school gate.

Students can be dropped off at the nearby bus stops on Nam Fung Rd or at the bottom of Deep Water Bay Drive.  If students are dropped off above the school then students can walk down the pavement and in enter School via the top playground gate. This is a much safer route for students to take.

For the next few weeks we will be handing out flyers to parents and drivers who are seen dropping off at the gate. Students arriving by taxi will also be spoken to and parents informed.

Your co-operation will be gratefully appreciated.

10 Nov 2017

Box of Hope (collection date extended until 17th November)

Thank you to all of the SIS community who have contributed Boxes for our Box of Hope drive for underprivileged children.  We have had an amazing response so far, as you can see our wall of hope is growing, we are at approx 140/150 boxes, our aim is 200.  We have therefore managed to extend our collection date so for those of you still wishing to contribute a box and make a child smile, there is still time.  The deadline for boxes is now Friday 17th Nov.

The Casa Student Leadership Team

10 Nov 2017

Message from the Principal -Important information (Election of a Parent Member of the School Council)

Dear Parent,

Through an oversight, only one voting envelope has been provided to each family.

The envelope bears a statement that only one ballot paper should be returned per envelope.

Please disregard this information and use the envelope provided for both ballot papers.

Any queries should be addressed to the Clerk to School Council at or 2555 9313.

Ballot papers not in the correct ESF envelope or late arriving after the deadline will not be counted. They may be posted (for the attention of the Clerk to School Council, South Island School, 50 Nam Fung Road, Aberdeen, Hong Kong) or placed directly in the ballot box located at the Main Reception.

Each parent, up to a maximum of two per student, may vote but each parent has only one set of votes per school. Completed ballot papers must be returned to the school by 4.00pm 15th November 2017.

I apologise for any confusion caused.

Yours Sincerely,

Graham Silverthorne

10 Nov 2017

CPD Day Tuesday 31st October

While the Year 7 and 8 parents had their Guiding Day last week the remainder of the staff were engaged on a Professional Development Day. The focus of the day was Differentiation techniques. An audit of present staff practice was completed and then we were able to build on pedagogical skills.  We shared some research from Carol Ann Tomlinson who is an American educator, author and speaker. She is known for her work with techniques of differentiation in education. Also looking at some of the work done by Shelly Moore, University of British Columbia.

The remainder of the day was then spent in departments looking at curriculum planning both in Year 7 to 9 MYP planning but also in Year 10 – 13 curriculum, and how we can address the needs of all our students. It was a very productive day which has enabled us to share good practice.

10 Nov 2017

Prefect Training 2017

This year in conjunction with the Head Prefects, the Heads of House have looked at revamping the system by which we choose the Prefects. The first item on the agenda was prefect training, and we decided that this should be part of the actual interview process – after all we want students who are dedicated, keen to learn and enthusiastic to be our role models at SIS!

After collaboratively planning a series of three sessions we arranged for a combination of Heads of House and Head Prefects to present each one.

The first session explored what type of person we are and looked at how multiple different personalities made the team stronger. Then there was a hectic game of ‘Bingo’ based around the Prefect Handbook.

In the second session we explored how our values are linked with the school ones – leading to an extensive circus exploring different scenarios that prefects might come across. All the Heads of House and Head Prefects were involved and judging by the answers and positive comments the year 12 enjoyed the session!

Next week we look at “Myths around the Prefect system’ whilst the Head Prefects run 4 workshops covering “Communicating with teachers & Parents” to “Interview skills” and “Public speaking”

10 Nov 2017

PTA News


Date/Time/Venue: 24th Nov 2017 @17:00-22:00 @South Island School – 50, Nam Fung Road, Aberdeen, HK

COUNT DOWN ……..Less Than 3 weeks to go !!!!!!

Second Hand Books

Donations appeal for Second Hand Book Stall. Make some space on your shelves while helping with our fund raising – Then come along to the Nightfest and browse for more books to fill that space!

You can drop your books outside the PTA office from 13 Nov 2017


Please sign-up for the followings :-

International Food Stalls

WE ARE STILL IN NEED OF DONATIONS FOR THE BAKE STALL. If you are able to donate Cakes, Cookies, Savoury Pastries (e.g. Sausage rolls, Quiche, etc) Or if you are able to donate any type of food – Please CLICK HERE to sign-up and we will contact you.

You are also welcome if you wish to make a donation for any of the food stalls. Cheques can be made payable to South Island School PTA Ltd and drop at the PTA office or Main Reception. Please put your child’s name and type of donations (e.g. Chinese stall, Indian stall, etc.) at the back of the cheque. Thank you in advance.

Volunteers Sign-Up

Calling Parents and Teachers – We need volunteers to help before and during the event to man a stall. If you are able to help in any of these areas – second handbooks, decorations, liaised with vendors, etc., please CLICK HERE to sign up and we will contact you. Any help would be much appreciated.

Information for the NIGHTFEST are also available on the school website  or you can also email

10 Nov 2017


Silver HKAYP

38 Students and 8 staff joined our first full Silver Practice Expedition in Sai Kung Country Park on 3-4th November. After enjoying a ‘wild camp” on the Cheung Sheung Plateau the students made their way along the gruelling Stage3 of the MacLehose Trail learing key navigation and other important expedition skills. For the afternoon the 6 groups experienced navigation with out a member of staff by visiting various check points on the way through the villages to Sai Kung. We had great weather, super students and as always our dedicated team of staff.

Congratulations to the Following students who have recently been awarded their HKAYP!


Warren Ho, Jeffrey Hau, Kyle Leong, Dicky Lim, James Stunt, Yien Kung, Cordelia Wong,
Andrew Lee, Nicole Lee,Yan Phu, Karen Chan, Moeka Yoshida, Philip Chew, De Yi Ma
Athulram Rajagopal, Henry Kuk, Laura Sum, Sana Khullar, Isabelle Porter


Sahil Bhagat, Chan Tsz Yan, Ho Ching Stephanie, Kyle Lam Johnson, Maxwell Alfred Kerr
Kwan Hall Gi, Victor Deyou Meng, Teh Ir Ving, Yu Ka Ka

Our Alumni Dorian Lam and Marin Minamaya will be presented with their Gold Award in Government House on December 4th.
10 Nov 2017

Children’s Heart Foundation Heart-to-Heart Walk

The Heart-to-Heart Walk is a huge fundraising walk that’s held annually by the Children’s Heart Foundation. Its main goal is to raise funds to help children with congenital heart disease. As a school that strives to Make a Difference, it was a huge pleasure to be part of this important event. The Namas MaD council would like to thank everyone who took time out of their weekend to come to this event and help the Foundation reach their goals. For those who didn’t attend this year, it would be a great idea to attend next year!