31 Jan 2019

Trial period with natural light in classrooms ended with constructive feedback

We ran a trial period between 21-25 January where we asked teachers to turn off lights in classrooms and use natural light instead. When running this trial, we wanted to get feedback on how it went, which would pave the way for future initiatives involving the whole school, all with the shared goal of reducing our energy usage in school. We believe that the trial period showed a sense of success as we managed to get across several details of how you should be aware of using energy and managed to give students and teachers a sense that lights are not always mandatory to be kept on.

Just by analysing the survey results, we found out that participants faced challenges from fear of their eyesight being damaged which is not true as there is still a similar amount of light coming in. However, what teachers found unusual or not normal was that the temperature in the room increased as the sun was very bright. Nonetheless, excluding the challenges most teachers and students, both supported the initiative and found it very normal in most days, which led them to back up their statements by supporting us to do more of these initiatives on sunny days as one has suggested.

Eldon Tse & Max Yuen
SIS Sustainability Council