27 Aug 2020

The Dragon Young Writers Awards龙少年文学奖

Congratulations to the following SIS students who took part in the above writing competition last academic year and have achieved excellent results! 

The 6th and 7th Dragon Young Writers Awards龙少年文学奖

  • 3rd Award (Junior) 初中组三等奖2020:
    • 歐陽卓人10CX202 (Instructor:Ms Echo Huang)
  • Merit Award (Junior) 初中组优秀奖2020:
    • JasmineYAN 甄巧盈 10CN201 (Instructor: Ms Gladys Zhai)
    • Kristie Lee 10CX201李嘉倩 (Instructor: Ms Gladys Zhai)
    • Phoebe Lin 09CX101林心琦 (Instructor: Ms Gladys Zhai)
  • 3rd Award (Junior) 初中组三等奖2019:
    • Anson Li李凌杰10CN201 (Instructor: Echo Huang)
  • 3rd Award(Senior)高中组三等奖2019: 
    • Mavis Fu Hiu Yan 13CN602傅晓恩 (Instructor: Danni Li)

The Dragon Young Writers Awards invite students from Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan and Mainland China to take part in the competition every year with the aim of promoting  Chinese culture.  We are really pleased to see that SIS students are keeping up a really positive learning attitude, and have achieved such amazing results despite the current situation. Well done to everyone involved! 

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