21 Apr 2017

SIS goes MaD Parent Consent Form & Travel Document

Please note that your child has been allocated to their ‘SIS goes MaD 2017’ trip. In order to complete the confirmation process, we require your permission by signing the Consent Form (please fill in one consent form per child).

Please fill in the electronic consent form and submit by 28th April 2017 (please note that this consent form is different from the general low-risk consent form that you sign at the beginning of each year).

Click here for the electronic consent form: ‘SIS Goes MaD 2017’ Parent Consent Form

*Note for overseas trips: 

  • For students that are traveling overseas, there will also be a question on dietary requirements (Special Dietary Requirements for Flights) in the first section of the ‘SIS Goes MaD 2017’ Parent Consent Form.
  • All students traveling overseas for ‘SIS goes MaD’ will receive guidelines on how to upload their travel documents to the school VLE. As VLE access is only available to students, please kindly remind your child to complete this procedure by 28th April 2017.

If you have any questions, please contact Yokee Kwan at ykwan@sis.edu.hk