8 Jan 2020

Scouts Enjoy A Wild Beach Camp

The Scouts enjoyed a fun, relaxing camp on Long Ke Wan beach in Sai Kung during the Christmas break.

The main theme was wild survival: they pitched tents right on the beach, trying to avoid bothering feral cows. They hiked up to a mountain stream to fill up water containers – a humbling reminder of how precious water is.

There was an impromptu game of rugby on the beach, and some Scouts went for a quick swim.

No camp is complete without roasting marshmallows over a campfire…

On Sunday, two new Scouts made their promise and were invested.

150th Hong Kong Scouts are now busy preparing for the HK100 Ultra Trail camp in January, and 20K and 30K expeditions in February.

Corinne Vigniel

Scout Leader, 150th Hong Kong Scout Group

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