8 Dec 2017

School Uniform Changes (footwear)

Dear Students,

We recognize that some students prefer to wear trainers (running shoes) with their uniform.  Traditionally, this has gone against our school uniform policy, but because of the power of student voice at South Island School, led by your Student Council, we have compromised on the footwear regulations.  We want you to be smart and to be proud of your uniform but we also recognize that you want to be comfortable and to be active during break times. As a result, we have added ALL BLACK TRAINERS only to the school uniform.  We insist that these are ALL BLACK shoes and this is where we need you to compromise and cooperate.

Please see some guiding photos below:

Dear Parents,

We are pleased that we have been able to listen to students and work out a compromise but we need your support to ensure that your children follow the uniform policy and do not wear inappropriate footwear. Of course students may still come in black polishable shoes as well. Our only intention is to make sure that SIS students look smart and presentable.

As usual the PE trainers can be of any colour.  Thank you in advance of your support!