17 Nov 2017

Result of the Parent Election to the South Island School Council

Dear Parents,

The ballot closed yesterday at 4pm at which point the voting boxes were sealed until 1.30pm on Thursday. They were opened in the presence of the Principal with Karla Lee, the Chair of the PTA, in attendance. The votes were counted and re-counted to produce the following results:

Daniel Chun – 64 votes
Steve Penman – 79 votes
Pia Wong – 136 votes

Accordingly, Pia Wong, who is an SIS alumna, has been elected to serve on the South Island School, School Council for a term of 3 years. Congratulations to Pia and our thanks once again to Steve and Daniel for making this a close fought contest!

Our thanks, too, go to all of the parents who submitted a vote.

Best Wishes,
Graham Silverthorne