PTA Shop

PTA Shop sells school uniforms and essential stationary at an affordable price. The onsite shop provides conveniences to SIS community throughout all schools days, including CPD.

We advise SIS students to make payment by Octopus cards. Adults can pay in cash (we do not accept $1,000 notes) or by cheque made payable to “South Island School Parent Teacher Association Limited“. However, credit cards and other means of electronic payment are not accepted at the moment.


Price Lists

For Boy’s Uniforms CLICK HERE

For Girl’s Uniforms CLICK HERE

For Winter Uniforms CLICK HERE


Sizing and Product Measurements

A Quick Guide with Photos BOYS   GIRLS


Exchange Policy CLICK HERE


Essential Stationery at SIS

Requirement for Year 7 Student CLICK HERE


2nd Hand Uniform Donation / Sale

Winter Item: HK$20 per piece

Sports Team Item: HK$20 per piece

Other Item: HK$10 per piece


SIS PTA supports environmental protection and sustainable. Please consider to reduce waste by donating your good conditioned used school uniforms for our 2nd Hand Sale. The proceed goes to the Hardship Fund.


SIS Parents are welcome to sign up as Shop Volunteer, please CLICK HERE to register. Our Shop Administrator will contact you to confirm the rota in advance.