23 Jan 2020

New Whole School Interhouse Event

Please note this date in all your diaries – as per the Interhouse calendar, there will be a whole school Interhouse event developed by the Y12 House leadership teams on Friday 20th March. This will have the dual aims of adding an exciting new student led event to the IH calendar, and also will be our main annual fundraiser for our whole school cause which we have supported for the last 6 years – our SIS Family Academy in Bacolod, Philippines. You can find out more about the Family Academy programme run by our partners, ICM, here and here. As a school, we pledge to donate HKD70,000 per year to fund our own Academy with whom our students also work during MaD week.

A few points to note:

  • The event will run from 11.30-3.15, with a break for lunch. School will end at 3.15 for all students, and buses will all leave at 3.30. All lessons will run until 11.15, but each will be slightly shortened. It will be an expectation that students will attend this event, in the same way that they attend for example the swim gala or athletics finals.
  • Orchestra, vocal academy and other calendared events eg the Year 12 Higher Education session will go ahead as planned  – we will be working around them
  • The event is student led, student organised, and will involve choice of a range of activities put on by Houses. Students will be invited to sign up for 2 of the 6 events beforehand, each of which has been chosen and will be run by a House leadership team.
  • Interhouse points will be awarded for winning an event – and also for the House that raises the most donations in each event
  • The event will be followed in the evening by an IH team quiz for parents and students.
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