30 Nov 2017

New Hoodie

Our Student Council have been helping us improve some of our items of uniform. One of these has been the replacement of the fleece by a hoodie. The hoodie needed to be warm and durable as well as desirable to wear. It has been kept the same colour green but with some new markings. All our uniform now has the ESF logo as well as the SIS logo. Students now have the option of wearing the lighter weight SIS blue hoodie, or the new green hoodie. Students are still able to wear their fleece or the school jumper. The old fleece will slowly disappear and will not now be sold in The Shop.

Students are being asked not to wear any other form of jumper to school. We realise there are lots of sweaters made for all our different events but these should not be worn to school and do not constitute the correct school uniform. Only clothing bought in The Shop is recognised as school uniform.


We would welcome parental support with ensuring students do come to school correctly dressed.