14 Dec 2018

MYP experience at LPD

During our latest Learning and Professional Development (LPD) Committee meeting, a group of Year 8 students came along to share their personal MYP journey. James Bratton, Tisya Gupta, Emily Liu and Minjun Koo articulated their experience clearly and maturely. They also answered some very tough questions from the committee with great confidence. We are very proud of the students for beautifully demonstrating many of the Learner Profile attributes: Risk-taker for meeting with the committee, Communicator for articulating their journey so clearly to a diverse audience, Knowledgeable in the MYP framework, Thinker for answering some difficult unknown questions and of course, Reflective in their presentation of their journey. Well done James, Tisya, Emily and Minjun – weare very proud of you!

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