11 Sep 2020

Academic Honesty Posters

Year 10s had a seminar on Academic Honesty last week, as they commence their GCSE year. Some of 10M2 created some great posters to help remind our students of the dos and don’ts of coursework.

11 Sep 2020

Visual Art Contribution

Year 7 Visual Art students are investigating the Statement of Inquiry “Belief systems are a means of communicating culture” with a specific focus on colour and its cultural impact globally. As part of their initial inquiry, students revised their knowledge and understanding of the colour wheel and have used found objects from inside their homes to create a three-dimensional interpretation. 

Below is a selection of work submitted by students from 7B2, 7C1, 7C2 & 7N2.

Fun Fact: Did you know that Isaac Newton invented the colour wheel? 

11 Sep 2020

Inter-house Challenge – Emoji Quiz

The first monthly House challenge opened yesterday as an assignment on students. House Google classrooms. It is an Emoji themed quiz where students have to guess the brand or organisation based on the emojis shown. It will be open the whole of September for students to enter at their leisure, but they can only enter once. It is open for all years and the score is out of fifteen. The house with the most points wins – it’s that simple!

11 Sep 2020

Youth Arts Foundation 

Congratulations to Alyssa Hayward who successfully auditioned with the Youth Arts Foundation for a role in an upcoming contemporary dance piece.  She is currently rehearsing on zoom with the other dancers and will be performing at Arts in the Park. Good luck to Alyssa and the other dancers.

11 Sep 2020

SIS Scouts – Bronze Awards for Service

One of the cornerstones of scouting is to serve the community. A total of 14 Scouts from SIS received the Bronze Award for Volunteer Service from Hong Kong’s Social Welfare Department. This is in recognition of performing 50 hours of community service over a 12-month period. A total of 26 Scouts and leaders received awards, including two leaders who received the Gold Award (200 hours).

Highlights of service over a 12-month period included: 

  • 24 hour support for HK100 ultra trail marathon. 150th Scouts are in charge of running Checkpoint 8 at Shing Mun reservoir. They serve food and drinks through the night to 1,500+ runners.
  • At the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, Scouts raised awareness of the danger of airborne transmission and promoted the use of masks on social media. They took part in the April 3-4 Jamboree on the Internet (JOTI) linking Scouts from all over the world in an effort to share experience and keep safe during the pandemic. They received Health Guard badges.
  • Beach cleanup: Villagers in a remote settlement in Lamma personally thanked the Scouts for their hard work.
  • The Scouts worked in kitchens at the Sikh Temple in Happy Valley. The temple provides free meals for the needy.
  •  The Scouts helped St Stephen’s Chapel in Stanley prepare its 70th anniversary celebrations. The Scouts helped move heavy equipment, and then provided a guard of honour.
  • The Scouts turned into instructors, and taught knots and pioneering, map reading, arts and crafts to Cub Scouts (age 8-11).
  • They worked on the Disability awareness badge after a visit to PHAB charity, who campaign for better wheelchair access. They have also raised awareness of mental illness, reached out to fellow students with special needs.

The certificates are signed by Matthew Cheung, Chief Secretary for Administration and Gordon Leung, Director of Social Welfare.

Well done, Scouts, keep up the good work!

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