13 Dec 2019

Message from the Principal

Dear Students, Parents, Colleagues and other members of the SIS Community,

I would like to start by wishing everyone a very happy Festive Season! A number of important milestones have already occurred this term, such as Eid ul Adha, Diwali, Thanksgiving Day, Bodhi Day – and now we head into the celebration of Winter Solstice, Christmas, Hanukkah and the western New Year, which will be followed swiftly by Chinese New Year. Regardless of your culture, religion or customs, we trust that you will have an excellent break during the next few weeks, and enjoy some very special time with your family and community.

The importance of the SIS community has been extremely clear this term – and a couple of months ago, ESF commissioned a video to try to capture the essence of SIS. As usual, the leadership of our students is clear for everyone to see: we hope you enjoy watching this as much as I did!


When we return in January, we will have a busy few weeks up until the Chinese New Year break. As has been customary in recent years, our last working day before we break for Chinese New Year (Thursday 24th January) will be a slightly shortened day, meaning that students should be free to leave shortly after 1pm. We have taken this decision to ensure alignment with our main Primary feeder schools and to ensure that families have plenty of time for their travel plans before Chinese New Year itself commences.

Looking further into next term, please save the date of Friday 14th February for our rescheduled Nightfest! We know that this is also Valentine’s Day, but in terms of our overall schedule, this was much the best day for Nightfest. We are all very much looking forward to coming together as a community on that day, to celebrate everything that is so special about South Island School.

 It only remains for me to thank you for your ongoing support of South Island School. This has been a term that we will all remember, both for very good reasons and also owing to some challenges – and yet, it is a term that ends with our SIS community stronger than ever. It remains a magnificent privilege for me to serve as your Principal.


With best wishes,

Tom Vignoles

Principal, South Island School

Welcome back SIS!