ICT Responsible Use Policy (RUP)

Technology at South Island School supports and enhances the quality of work by students and staff. Each member of the school will have access to ICT tools essential to fulfilling learning objectives, assignments and job responsibilities.

It is essential that our students are provided access to a range of educational technology tools and applications. These resources are vetted having regard to safeguarding, privacy and data protection requirements. By acknowledging this form, you are permitting your child to access and use such educational tools and applications. This will afford your child full access to their curriculum and enable them to have equitable access to a personalised and inclusive learning environment.

Access to technology at South Island School is a privilege, not a right and its use is governed by this policy. Violation of this policy will result in disciplinary action, including the suspension or removal of technology use privileges. All members of the school community are required to observe the terms of this policy. Authorised access to the school network is granted only to those who have a signed copy of this document on record.

There are technological and legal limitations to the SIS network. Networks are made up of physical machines that have finite storage space and software capabilities. The network functions most efficiently when these limitations are kept in mind. The SIS network is a service for users to obtain, use and produce a variety of work.

Consideration of other users and respect for copyright is expected of all users at all times.

Terms & Conditions

User Responsibility

In signing the SIS ICT RUP Agreement, you accept that you are solely responsible for your actions, or the actions of others, undertaken or attempted while using your user profile or laptop. Your responsibility is to use the school network acceptably and appropriately. The network is for the purpose of school related study and it should be used with due consideration for the rest of the community who share in its use. The school network is monitored and action will be taken against anyone misusing the network.

These rules apply to all electrical devices brought on campus: including but not limited to computers, mobile phones, music devices, cameras, or any electronic storage devices.

No Trespassing - Develop a sense of Responsibility for Yourself and Others

• Do not touch another person’s laptop unless invited by the owner

• Do not play with, use, or change another person’s user account or computer

• Do not access another person’s files or resources

No Fooling Around - Be Responsible for Your Actions / Be respectful of the community in which you live and work

• Do not play games at school, other than during social time in specifically designated spaces

• Do not access inappropriate websites or inappropriate material on your laptop while at school

• Do not chat unless given permission by your teacher

• Do not attack, threaten or intimidate another student

• Do not engage with/share any media that is harmful and disrespectful to others.

No Hogging - Be Responsible for Your Usage

• Do not take up bandwidth by downloading movies, music, pictures, or by playing online games not directly connected to your learning

• Do not store music, movies, pictures or files on the school network not directly connected to your learning

• Do not waste e-resources or material resources (e.g. network space by generating unnecessary traffic or paper by generating excessive printing)

No Stealing - Respect Copyright

• Do not download any illegal materials (e.g. cracked software, pirated music or movies, or any copyrighted

materials) or bring such materials in to school

• Do not plagiarise i.e. present anybody else’s work as your own

No Spamming – Be Responsible for What You Email

• Do not forward or send any content not directly associated with your learning (e.g. advertisements, games,


No Hacking - Respect Other’s Property and Privacy

• Do not deliberately or negligently spread viruses, malware, or spyware

• Do not attempt to access any areas of the school network which you do not have permission to visit

No Hawking - Be Responsible for Your Actions

• Do not run a business or seek to make profit using the school network

No photography/video/audio recording – Respect Other’s Privacy and Be Responsible for Your Actions

• The use of technologies for audio and video recording of classes and other classroom activities is allowed only with express permission of the teacher or the subject individual(s).

At South Island School we place great value on your abilities to take responsibility for and manage your own behaviour, to establish priorities and manage time to complete tasks and achieve goals both outside

and inside of the classroom. These values and those presented in our Philosophy and Values Document should be supported by your responsible use of ICT in all situations.

A Working Laptop – Students

Students are expected to bring a fully functional, recharged laptop to school every day. The ICT Help Desk can provide assistance for applications and network support. Laptops purchased through the School program with a valid APP (Apple Protection Plan) can enjoy hardware maintenance service at the ICT Help Desk. If a laptop breaks, it is the student’s responsibility to bring the laptop to the ICT Help Desk for assistance. Technical Support sometimes might require the “cloning” or the re-installation of the operating system. Students must be at all times responsible for the backing up of their files to an external location for safe keeping.

Non-functioning laptops are not to be used as an excuse for missing assignments.

When a laptop is out for repairs, students need to have a backup plan for completing their work. This includes but is not limited to the use of home computers, computers in the common areas or hand writing assignments.

These are all solutions to “real life” problems.

Do not delete or remove the MacAdmin or any accounts set up by ICT. These accounts are used by the Apple Service Centre to provide support for all laptops. Deleting these accounts can result in the irrecoverable loss of all data on the laptop.

Students should not upgrade their laptop’s OS above the version officially supported by the school.

Detailed Summary of User Responsibility – All Users

Users accessing the SIS network must not:

• Gain unauthorised access to any computer system, application or service (No Trespassing/No Hacking)

• Interfere with or disrupt network users, services or computers (No Hacking/No Hogging)

• Distribute unsolicited advertisements, spread viruses, spyware or malware (No Spamming)

• Perform acts that deliberately waste IT resources or which unfairly monopolise resources to the exclusion of

others. (No Hogging)

• Use file-sharing services to distribute or collect copyrighted or un-copyrighted materials. (No Hogging/No Hacking/No Fooling Around)

• Use programs that are designed to bypass firewalls (No Hacking/No Fooling Around)

• Use SIS’ network resources for personal profit (No Hawking)

Parents are responsible for wilful or negligent damage caused by their child to a laptop belonging to another student.

Possible Sanctions:

• Change user account from Admin to Standard to limit control and possibility for abuse.

• Be locked out of the network or unable to use laptop in school for a fixed period of time.

• Suspension or expulsion dependent upon the circumstances.

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