Issue No. 5 (9 October 2020)

9 Oct 2020

Year 12 – Incredible Achievement 

Congratulations to Y12 Natalie Lin! Together with students from different regions in China, Natalie’s writing was selected to be exhibited in the Fujian Museum to celebrate “National Museum Day”.  In her writing, she shared her reflections on the virtues of the martyr  林觉民(1887年—1911), based on his letter to his wife, in which 林觉民showed his courage and affection during the dark age in China.  

The award includes HKD6,000, an opportunity to participate in the exhibition in Fujian Museum and a framed certificate.  Although her visit to the museum for the ceremony had to be cancelled, we are proud to share her incredible achievement with the community, and celebrate such great success! Well done Natalie!

9 Oct 2020

Year 9 – InSoc: Wicked Problems

Wicked problems are large scale issues that are almost impossible to solve due to the interconnectedness of the issues and the sheer scale of the problems involved.  Our Year 9’s recently looked at some of these issues during our InSoc lessons.

Some of the questions covered were “What if the world reduced its carbon dioxide emissions?”, and “What if the world’s oceans became more acidic?”  Our students produced some fantastic work looking at the social, political, economic, environmental and demographic impacts of these wicked problems on our planet with some thought provoking consequences. 

A huge well done to 9102 who produced some great work, especially Andrew Luo 9B1 who created an amazing extravaganza along with his group in his short video:

9 Oct 2020

Year 9 – Advanced Music Course

Students taking the Year 9 Advanced Music Course have been studying Music in Popular Culture. They have explored compositional devices used in both Western Classical Music and today’s pop music. Airiana Chan’s wonderful masterpiece is notated using the MuseScore software.  It successfully features a Ground Bass and ostinatos, which are stylistic of Johann Pachelbel’s ‘Canon in D’.

9 Oct 2020

Interhouse Mathemanaics – Oct Challenge

The second house challenge of the year is now open for entry on students’ House Google Classrooms. It opened at 07.00am on Thursday 1st October 2020 and is open until 23.59pm on Saturday 31st October 2020. This competition is open to all students in all years.

The quiz is a google form based on the theme/topic of Maths. Students can use a calculator to help you figure out your answers/entry, however you can only enter the quiz once. 

Please make a difference to your house by entering and trying to earn those valuable house points. Any questions, please email Ms Nicola Bosson on 

Good luck to all houses #maythebesthousewin

9 Oct 2020

Tech Bubble – Ep8: Change at ESF

Episode 8 of the Tech Bubble features ESF CEO, Belinda Greer and engages with the theme of change in what is a retrospective piece, encompassing the technological revolution impacting the workplace in the last twenty years. In addition, the show begins with a new segment, which involves Maxine Yang (13B2), Paul Kim (13N2) and Ryan Mak (12S2) discussing what’s new in the world of tech.

9 Oct 2020

Year 9 – Media Photography Unit

With physical distancing in Hong Kong being somewhat relaxed recently, Year 9 students were asked to take photographs of their surroundings, inspired by the Chinese photographer Fan Ho and one of our own alumni, Hong Kong photographer Caitlin Jones.

Ryohei Yamasaki 9B2 – photos here

Kierin Ching 9K1 – photos here

Clio Wu 9M2 – photos here

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