Issue No. 4 (8 October 2021)

7 Oct 2021

Shtepi MaD Week Book Donation & Sale

This week students from Shtepi house held a Book Drive to collect books for a brilliant book sale at school. The book sale aims to raise funds for the charity ‘Room to Read’. ‘Room to Read’ is a non-profit organization for improving literacy and gender equality in education in the developing world, and especially this year supporting children affected by covid 19 and distance learning. 

7 Oct 2021

Year 9 Integrated Arts Film

Year 9 film students are nearing the end of the Film Unit in Y9 Integrated Arts and students have been working on skills such as camera movement and editing techniques. This helps them acquire the skills they will need to complete their final 60-second Horror film after half term. Here Ellie Jeong and Ashley Koh demonstrate a whip pan to create a creepy finale to their scene and Ciel Noma and Fuyu Kaetsu have worked well to incorporate a Dutch tilt at the end of their scene to create an uneasy feeling in the audience. Both film tasks were completed during class. Well done to the film students involved!

7 Oct 2021

Year 13 Psychology 

Last week Year 13 Psychology students conducted Field Experiments in Happy Valley and Causeway Bayon Bystander behaviour in HK. It turns out that people in Hong Kong are so helpful!

7 Oct 2021

Global Thinking – Sign Language 

The Global Thinking classes are currently studying an interdisciplinary unit on Inclusive Design. The purpose of the unit is for students to further develop empathy and understanding of the diversity of our world. Students have been learning about various disabilities and the challenges that many people face.  At a recent lesson, students learned about hearing impairment and the need to develop improved communication methods. Students learned sign language and practised phrases with each other.  They found it challenging but insightful. 

The video below features Cheryl Chan and Hilary Au Yeung from 08N1 communicating using sign language. 

7 Oct 2021

Hong Kong Netball – Alyssa Wong 

Well done to Alyssa Wong (13N1) who has been selected for the Hong Kong National Youth U21 Ladies Netball Team. During the past few months and throughout the summer holidays, Alyssa attended weekly training sessions, a three-day training camp and selection trials to make the final team. This is another milestone for Alyssa after being selected for the HK U16 Regional Academy Netball Team to tour Singapore in 2019. 

7 Oct 2021

Fencing – Abigail Lau

Congratulations to Abigail Lau (10N2) who has been selected for the HK Sports Institute Potential Athlete Program for Fencing (Women’s Foil).  Abigail is currently ranked 4th in the Cadet Fencing (Women’s Foil) Category in Hong Kong. Abigail recently took part in the Under 14 Challenge Cup Fencing Championships where she won a bronze medal.

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