Issue No. 21 (20 May 2022)

19 May 2022

English For Academic Purposes (EAP)

Year 7 EAP – From Page To Stage 

This term, Year 7 EAP students have been working on a Fairytales and Fables unit, culminating in writing a script for a fairytale and performing it with sock puppets. The students had fun learning how to transform a story into a script and a new craft!

Year 9 EAP – Collaboration For Writing

This term, Year 9 EAP students are examining the question of What is Art? Last week, they performed a collaborative activity debating a number of questions, such as “Graffiti is just vandalism and doesn’t have any artistic value” or “When graffiti ends up in galleries, it stops being graffiti.” With a bit of help from their friends, they are learning the techniques of writing a discussion response that balances different viewpoints about an issue.

19 May 2022

Year 8 Spanish

Our Year 8 Spanish classes are studying a unit on celebrations. On May 5th they were introduced to Cinco de mayo, a festival that celebrates the victory of the Mexican army over the French in Puebla, Mexico. The Spanish Department would like to share some impressive examples of multimodal texts students produced for homework informing their audience about the festival. We are impressed by the effort the students put in and their creativity in design. Great job to Vedika Sreejesh (08C2), Nishka Chopra (08K1), Bernice Lui (08N2), Camille Phieu-Parisot (08N2), and Jo En Tan (08B2).

19 May 2022

Korean Culture Art Drawing Competition

Congratulations to Olivia Lee (09C2) who has won the 2nd runner-up in the Secondary School Korean Culture Art Drawing Competition. Olivia also received HKD$1000 for her achievement and she is now liaising with the MaD Council on which charity she would like to donate to.

19 May 2022

Year 9 Integrated Arts

Our music students have been exploring the musical Blood Brothers, in which they have explored how music can be created to portray a variety of moods. Using MuseScore and GarageBand, students have explored accompaniment techniques and how to effectively structure their music. We would like to congratulate Julienne Chong for his outstanding composition, titled Childhood Innocence.

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