Issue No. 20 (13 May 2022)

13 May 2022

The Battle of Books 2021-22

The Battle of Books is a reading program designed to introduce students to quality young adult literature representing a variety of literary styles and viewpoints by prominent authors, to build teamwork skills and ensure that reading is fun. This year, the Hong Kong wide competition was conducted online. Our student team joined the semi-final and got the second highest scores in Group 5. Well done, Bobers!

Claire Yung (07B1), Ambrose Chiu (07B2), Natalie Sylvester (08K2), Mika Pybus (08N2), Vanessa Lok (09B1), Bernice Ng (09B1), Ian Hioe (09M1), Hugo Teng (09N1), Aidan Wong (09N1), Andrea Lau (09N2), Jamin Lee, (09S1), Jonathan Lee (09S1).

Huge thank you to our Year 12 coaches (Zoe Lee, Anjelica Law, Sian Littlewood) who have been phenomenal in supporting our younger readers in Year 7-9 throughout our challenging distance learning time! 

12 May 2022

Debating Club

On April 30th, members of the SIS debating club took part in the Hong Kong Junior Individual Public Speaking Championships. The participants were Adyya Tiwari (9M1), Agastya Rekhi (8N1), Aiden Teng (9K2), Atree Sinha (9B1), Sophie Edwards (9K2). They gained valuable experience in a large-scale competition, and all received very positive and useful feedback from the judges. 

We are particularly proud of Aiden Teng, who won 3rd Place in the Persuasive Speaking category and placed 10th in the Interpretive Reading preliminaries in very impressive performances. Agastya Rekhi also placed an admirable 5th in the Persuasive Speaking preliminaries.

Congratulations to the speakers!

12 May 2022

Vanderbilt Young Scientist Journal

Congratulations to Anson Hui (13B2), who took on a personal project over the summer of 2021, linking his passion for Engineering and bridge design.  Anson worked independently to research his area of interest and collect his results.  After a few months, his article has now been published in the Vanderbilt University Young Scientist Journal and can be read HERE. Well done to Anson who showed huge determination to succeed with this project as well as plenty of ingenuity and creativity.

12 May 2022


Advanced Year 9 Music

Our students have recently begun their new unit entitled “Classic Hits”. Through a variety of performance, composition, analysis, and research activities, students will explore our statement of inquiry: ‘Creativity has led to the development of different genres’. We would like to acknowledge Maxwell Miller (09N1) for his outstanding Medieval Composition, which demonstrates the use of melody, harmony, rhythm, articulation, and dynamics.

Year 10 Music

We would like to congratulate our music students who have worked extremely well this year. They have shown great resilience and determination to succeed against all odds. Please enjoy our performance video, which showcases work from Airiana, James, Felix, Amelia and Timmie.

12 May 2022

Year 7 Spanish

El árbol genealógico

Our Year 7 classes have recently started a unit of inquiry-based on family. The Spanish Department would like to share some impressive examples of family trees that students have produced in recent unedited homework, after just 3 weeks of studying the topic. We are delighted with the effort of the students. Well done to Anna Saito (07C1), Emma Kim (07B1), Hilary Wong (07C2), and Maggie Dowding (07K2).

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