Issue No. 19 (18 January 2019)

Seasonal Influenza

We are now approaching the time of year when children start to get coughs and colds. The government have recently published guidelines for parents to ensure schools do not have any outbreaks. Please see below the extract of hygiene tips from the government.

At the moment our attendance is very good and our students are healthy, however, to maintain this, please do ensure you keep your child home if they are showing any symptoms.

Health & Safety Guidelines for Prevention of Influenza:

  • Children with fever should seek medical advice and should avoid school till 48 hours after the fever has subsided.
  • Hand hygiene is the most important measure of reducing the spread of diseases.
  • Students should clean their hands frequently, especially before eating.
  • There are four alcohol hand sanitisers in school: Main entrance, Refectory, Atrium and Diploma Centre.
  • Masks are available in the Medical Room.  Wear a mask if you have respiratory symptoms.
  • Please cover your mouth and nose when coughing or sneezing.  Wash your hands immediately afterwards.

Annette Chapman
Vice Principal

Year 6 Visit

We have been very delighted to welcome primary school students from Quarry Bay School, Bradbury School, Peak School and other schools, many of whom will join the South Island School community. They enjoyed their classes at SIS, having a taste of being a secondary school student. Curiosity-driven youngsters filled classrooms and science labs, while laughter flooded sports playgrounds when they had PE classes at our four sports facilities.


Year 8 Student Led Consultation

Parents of Year 8 students had a wonderful time talking to tutors on Thursday evening. We thank all staff and student volunteers who participated to help make the event run smoothly. Please do not hesitate to contact our staff should you have more questions about your children’s school-life as we will be more than happy to answer your queries.

Sports Bulletin – 18 Jan 2019

A word from the Director of Sport

Our Activities Programme kicks off next week and we are looking forward to another great term of sport. We hope to see as many students as possible at our sports clubs and representing the school in competitions. On the agenda this term are the ISSFHK & HKSSF cross country and athletics competitions, rugby, sailing, rowing, dragon boating, cricket and equestrian competitions as well as many others, so we are hopeful our teams will do well and bring home even more success to SIS.

Jon Redding
Director of Sport and Extra Curricular


Sports News – 18 Jan 2019

What a great start to the week with the Boys and Girls Football kicking off. The senior girls were playing in the semi-final on Monday against Kellett and won 8-0, with Hana Meekcoms scoring 3 goals, Maddie Kwan and Lily Brewster both scoring 2 goals and lastly Andrea Chan scoring 1 goal. Woman of the match goes to Maddie Kwan for scoring two fantastic goals. Meanwhile, our boys were playing in the quarter final against CIS and won 5-0. Goal scorers for the game were Paul Sauli, Raymond Shin, Callum Beattie and Oliver Lam. Man of the match goes to Callum Beattie. Well done to both the girls and boys football team and good luck for their next match coming up next week.

On Tuesday, we had the Boys C grade Rugby against West Island. Unfortunately, SIS lost 5-49. It was a tough game for the boys, but they kept their heads up and fought hard. Great job! On the same day, we also had the junior cricket playing against WIS. Unluckily, SIS fell short and lost by five wickets. Man of the match goes to Brandon Kam after making 47 runs.

This year our U14 boys have entered to participate in the ISSFHK tennis competition. SIS played against ISF but unfortunately they lost 1-3. It was very close at 21 games to 20 and congratulations to the three U14 boys for making their first appearance for an SIS team.  Man of the match goes to Henry Au Yeung.

Our B Grade Boys Rugby team played in a 10’s tournament on Thursday. They played a total of 3 games and SIS won all three games. Well done to the team! Player of the day goes to Will Rees.

Last but not least, congratulations to Lottie Ridley (12N1) who was selected to play for The U16 Hong Kong Regional Netball Academy Squad! The squad travelled to Singapore on 22-30 November 2018 to participate in the 10th International Youth Netball Challenge. They played against teams from Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, Malaysia and Singapore to name a few, and finished in 6th position out of 12 teams.

Dress Cultural Day

As part of the International Evening 2019, students wore clothing that represented their culture, showcasing the cultural diversity in the South Island School community. What an amazing array of cultural clothing adorning our school hallways!

Did we mention our students raised $8921.50 as they supported the Arts with the Disabled Association Hong Kong with their wonderful cause of striving for equal opportunities in the expression and enjoyment of the arts? What an achievement! Thank you everyone who helped make a difference outside school!

Students counting the amount of money raised before they reached a total of $8921.50, in support of the Arts with the Disabled Association Hong Kong.


Tickets for International Evening 2019 are being sold now in the Foyer and Atrium during break and lunch, which include the price of delicious international dishes, for just $100.

Event details:

Date: 25 January 2019
Location: 2/F Hall
6:00pm: Food is served in the refectory (included in ticket price)
6:50pm: Performances

All proceeds will go to Arts with the Disabled Association Hong Kong, an organisation committed to promoting equal opportunities for people with disabilities to access and excel in the arts.

Click here for more information. We can’t wait to see you on 25 January 2019!

Blocking Explicit Content

A number of recent documentaries, academic papers and research studies have assessed the pervasive threat of pornography on the human brain. Increasingly, research points to the addictive nature of pornography and the damaging impact this can have in later life.

Common Sense Media addressed this thorny issue again recently and help provide five ways in which this kind of explicit content can be blocked. Please note that they also advocate the importance of talking to teenagers about the threat represented by pornographic websites so as the move to block content is placed within the context of a family decision. The full article can be found below.

Iain Williamson
Head of Media Literacy

Welcome back, alumni!

It is always a pleasure to meet alumni again! This week we are sharing latest updates of fellow alumni from recent to earlier years.


Moira Booth, then Head of Food & Textiles
Mr. & Mrs Chan, long-serving cleaners

A very warm welcome to Moira and her husband as well as Mr. & Mrs. Chan. Staff were so delighted to see that they are doing extremely well. Moira worked at South Island School from 1979 till 2002, and left Hong Kong in 2003. The couple had a wonderful chat with Chris and Annette Chapman who worked closely with Moira at the time.

Mr. and Mrs. Chan had been cleaners at our school since the early years of SIS when we were still at the So Kon Po campus. Warm hugs and laughter made their visit a very heart-warming one. We are grateful to see that the couple stay healthy and happy, and we very much appreciate their effort in keeping our campuses clean and organised for the many years they were with us.



Simon Crisp, The Class of 1994

Simon was eager to have a look at how the school has changed after he left in 1992. He remembered the computer room was on the 1st floor next to the library, expressing astonishment at how much technology has advanced since then.

He was thrilled to send pictures of the head prefect display in the staircase to his brother, Matthew, who served in the role in 1989-90. During the visit, he spent time signing the anniversary memories book and reading Yearbooks in the archive corner in the Library.

Simon had an awesome time at South Island School, with Maths as his favourite subject together with English. He recalled Ian McKirdy was his first form teacher in SIS. What is more interesting is that he met Mr. McKirdy’s son in Scotland!

There is no doubt that SIS Alumni are all over the world. Simon told us that he met two parents at his son’s school who both were South Island alumni. What a small world!

Simon is now based in the UK working in the IT industry specialising in pricing.


Sean Carim, The Class of 2012
Alastair Leung, The Class of 2012
Ju-Kun Sia, The Class of 2011

Visiting SIS with other alumni gets you a very different experience compared to visiting alone because you get to share fond memories with your peers. Sean, Alastair and Ju-kun all had a wonderful time when they came back together during the Christmas break on 28 December 2018.

Sean now lives in Berkeley, California, USA, while Alastair is based in London and Ju-kun in Singapore.

Sean Carim (left), Alastair Leung (centre) and Ju-Kun Sia (right).

Joanna Cheng, The Class of 2015
Ming-Yu Yang, The Class of 2015

What a great start of the year for Joanna and Ming-Yu as they visited SIS in early January 2019. The pair came back to visit their IB teachers, including Debra Jones and Simone Bundy as they were very much involved in the SIS music department before both graduated in 2015.

Ming-Yu studies Materials Engineering and is applying for a PhD programme at Johns Hopkins University in the USA, and his good friend Joanna did a master’s programme in Cambridge, UK.

Joanna Cheng (left) and Ming-yu Yang of The Class of 2015.