Issue No. 18 (11 January 2019)

11 Jan 2019

Message from the Principal

Welcome to Term 2!

It was great to see all of our students on the first day of term, and hear so many stories about what they had been up to during the holidays. It was also refreshing to see that everyone had returned very much ready to go. As I walked around the school on Monday, there was a real sense of purpose, focus and determination. South Island School students always make the most of their opportunities.

As the dates have fallen, the first half of term is a four week sprint to Chinese New Year – so we are already one quarter of the way to the next week-long break! However, despite the shortness of this time-period, our students’ hard work in classrooms will as ever be supplemented with a number of exciting special events, including the annual International Evening on Friday 25t January. We very much hope to see you there.

With best wishes,

Mr Tom Vignoles
Principal, South Island School

11 Jan 2019

Scouts go on a Jurassic park expedition in search of “Ghost Cave”

Our scouts ventured into the wild during the holiday season. They camped on Tung Lung Chau island, the site of one of the world’s largest volcanic eruptions over 140 million years ago.

Lionel Troy (Y9) took his fellow Scouts along a wild, overgrown trail all the way down to “Ghost Cave” – a remote sea arch at the foot of some of Hong Kong’s tallest cliffs. Leaders had to bring saws to help clear the way through thick bamboo, scratchy bushes and vines. The Scouts, boys and girls aged 11-14, had fun scrambling on heaps of large rocks from the roof of a collapsed cave. The place had a definite “Jurassic Park” feel to it.

Joshua Lim (Y9) taught useful first aid skills, focusing on bandages for sprains and fractures. Scouts over the age of 13 all get a chance to attend an intensive, 16-hour first-aid course.

This was also a gourmet camp. Cooks whipped up Mexican food over small camp stoves. The menu featured home-made salsa and chicken quesadillas.

Everyone looked forward to roasting s’mores (=”give me some more marshmallows”) over a campfire on the beach, while a small team of entertainers performed skits and songs. On Sunday morning, cooks fried the 150th Scouts’ trademark breakfast: heaps of bacon.

On the same morning, Scouts scrambled down the rocky shore to get to Tung Lung Chau’s most famous feature: a blow hole. This is a rare geological formation, a marine geyser formed by waves squeezing through the roof of a collapsed underwater cave. It goes without saying that everyone got totally soaked.

As part of their commitment to leaving campsites cleaner than when they got there, Scouts filled up a dozen bags with rubbish. During the night, wild boars had raided bins at the AFCD campsite, leaving plastic bags and debris strewn all over the ground.

Scouts aim to do a good turn a day – and were very happy to make a difference.

Corinne Vigniel
Scout Leader, 150
th Hong Kong Group

11 Jan 2019


Hi everyone, 🌟

International Evening 2019 is taking place 2 WEEKS from now on 25 January (Friday) and we hope you have marked your calendars! Our theme this year is “RETROSPECTION” so we aim to explore the diversity of culture with you from past to present. It is a night filled with amazing performances by SIS students, as well as several performers from our charity Arts with the Disabled Association Hong Kong.

You can buy your ticket for the event, which includes the price of delicious international dishes, for just $100 from Monday (14 January).

Tickets will be available up to the day of the event, however, if you do buy your ticket next week on either Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday, you will receive a $10 discount and you and your friends will also get a free polaroid picture on the night 🍱🍙🍣🍝

🎟 Ticket sales 🎟
Time: Break and lunch
Location: Foyer and outside the atrium

Event details
Date: 25 January 2019
Location: 2/F Hall
6:00pm: Food is served in the refectory (included in ticket price)
6:50pm: Performances

All proceeds will go to Arts with the Disabled Association Hong Kong, an organisation committed to promoting equal opportunities for people with disabilities to access and excel in the arts.
🌍 So come and buy your tickets now and be part of this memorable experience! 🌍
Also, check out our promotional video on Facebook:


INTERNATIONAL EVENING: 25TH JANUARY 2019 Get ready for a night packed with talented singers and dancers representing different countries all around the world.Tickets will be on sale soon!Video:Director: Vanessa KwokCinematographers: Benjamin Clark and Benjamin Sieur Editors: Alexandria Platt Cordelia Wong

International Evening 發佈於 2019年1月9日星期三

The International Evening Head Team
Vanessa, Vereta, Brian, Michael, Andre

11 Jan 2019


Congratulations to the following on being given their HKAYP Bronze and Silver Awards. These awards are given for sustained commitment to 4 sections: Expeditions, Service, Physical Recreation and Skills.

Ting Hao Grant Chen
Bonita Pui Kee Lau
On Mei Fung
Taeuk Kevin Nam
Tsz Tsun Natalie Lui
Wai-Shan Alva Si
Yu Yi
Ching Suen (alumnus)
Daniel Moore (alumnus)
Eliana Xiao Tong Nutland (alumnus)
Henry Kwok (alumnus)
Hiu Ying Nicole Wong (alumnus)
Larissa Tang (alumnus)
Ming Ho Kylie Chow (alumnus)
Seong Min Shin (alumnus)
Sequoia Rosita Hader (alumnus)
Tarush Gupta (alumnus)  

And for Bronze:
Adrian Wong
Bethia Kwok
Carlynda Lee
Cassidy Cheung
Charisse Hong
Hannah Li
Hong-Zhi Ee
Issac Chan
Jacky Lee
Joshua Chen
Justin Yeung
Kevin Yu
Mi Su Kim
Sandrine Ma
Tiya Shah
Vivian Cheung

11 Jan 2019

BRIGHT – Social Entrepreneurship and Slavery Awareness Conference

The 24 Hour Race is excited to invite South Island School students to their inaugural social entrepreneurship and slavery awareness conference, BRIGHT. With some of Asia’s leading entrepreneurs scheduled to speak, the conference will be held on Saturday 23 February 2019 at NakedHub – Sheung Wan.

BRIGHT is a summit for future leaders against social injustice, and is exclusive to high school students. In addition to interacting with top-notch speakers, they will pair passionate students with industry experts to help foster the social entrepreneurial spirit through open discussions, workshops, and Q&A.

This is a great opportunity for Global Perspectives students in Years 10 and 11. It will provide a ‘real world’ insight into how we can be successful in business and as entrepreneurs whilst also making a positive difference in our communities and challenging social injustice. It will provide inspiration for Year 10 students thinking about their Group Project coursework component and Year 11 students thinking ahead to IB, CAS and leadership of events like the 24 Hour Race.

In gratitude for supporting and participating in the 24 Hour Race, the organisers would like to offer every participating student from South Island School a 50% discount, bringing tickets down from HK$125 to $62.5.

If you are interested in participating, you can  go directly to the website link below and sign up. The *Ticket discount code: RUNNER gives you 50% off the cost. If you do sign up, it would be great if you could let either Mrs Nicholas, Mr Edwards or your Global Perspectives teacher know so we have a record of who participated.

When: Saturday, 23 February 2019 | 10:00am – 6:00pm
Where: NakedHub, Sheung Wan

Sign up link:

Syrita Nicholas / Ben Edwards
Head of Individuals and Society / Head of Global Learning

11 Jan 2019

Inter-School Sailing Festival

Attention all Sailors,

It is that time of the year when RHKYC hold their annual Boase Cohen & Collins Inter-School Sailing Festival (9 -10 March), and we would like to take at least one or two teams to the event. South Island has been very successful in the past, bringing the 1st place trophy home in 2003, 2011 & 2013 and achieving 2nd place in 2017.

If you are interested in being part of the team could you email me at or come to C37 to express your interest, and let me know if you have any team sailing experience.  It would also be ideal if you also signed up to the sailing activity on WEDNESDAY so that you can practise team sailing together.

We will have a team meeting on Monday 21st so that we can organise numbers and indemnity forms.

Mrs Syrita Nicholas
SIS Sailing Coach