Issue No. 18 (1 April 2022)

We are delighted to end the term with this bumper edition of our E-Bulletin! We are sure you will once again greatly enjoy seeing such exceptional learning outcomes from our students.
31 Mar 2022

Year 7 Global Thinking

Year 7 Global Thinking students have been researching and planning news reports on the issue of child labour. The students have collaborated well online and taken advantage of Zoom backgrounds to create and film their news reports independently. Here is a great example by Enzo Pybus (07N1), Chelsea Mok (07N1), Atticus Lee (07K1), and Chastain Ho(07N1).

31 Mar 2022

Year 7 Illustrated Narrative Poetry

Year 7 Illustrated Narrative Poetry

Year 7 completed their narrative poetry assessments and illustrated them in these shareable slides. We worked from the classic poem ‘The Highwayman’ but put a more modern spin on storytelling. From ‘The Three Little Pigs’ to ‘The Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe’ and ‘Harry Potter’ to ‘Poker Face’. We hope you enjoy reading it.

31 Mar 2022

DLC Tech Bubble – Body Image

Congratulations to Seoyun Lee (12N1), Larissa Lai (12C2), Minji Kim (12N2) and Yvonne Lee (12C1) for appearing on Episode 15 of the school podcast, The Tech Bubble. The four students, all members of the Diversity Council, also went on to produce a teaching resource for the Pastoral Learning Curriculum, focusing on the important issue of Body Image. The Google Slideshow presentation link below contains an audio slide (see slide 2) with the full episode embedded.

31 Mar 2022

Year 9 PLC

In the Year 9 PLC, students have been working in groups researching the importance of sleep and have prepared Infographics to communicate what they found. Below are links to a few of the excellent examples of their work.

31 Mar 2022

Year 9 Visual Art

During online learning our creative Year 9 students have investigated the statement of inquiry “The communication and exchange of ideas is a means of expression”. ​Inspired by the packing tape ​sculptural process of the American artist Mark Jenkins and the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals these images are the student’s way of communicating their understanding of their selected global issue. We are very impressed by the quality of work the students have been able to achieve while learning from home.

Artist: Mayu Tanaka (09S2)

UN Sustainable Development Goal: Quality Education

This artwork is a sculpture of hearts releasing out of a book, symbolizing the love of learning and its importance. The UN sustainability goal, Quality Education is a goal that aims to provide education to all people. This artwork was created to express the passion everyone holds for education, even those with not many resources or opportunities provided to them.

Artist: Ciel Noma (09S2)

UN Sustainable Development Goal: Life Below Water

This artwork connects with the UN sustainable development goal as it shows a marine creature consuming pieces of trash in the ocean. Using the B&W photo for the reflection gives off a depressing and lifeless atmosphere. It complements the emptiness of the sculpture and contrasts well making the features clearer. It was intended to show how most people want to end the effects of littering, but it was a dream that was too far away considering the amount of waste we produce. For the actual object, I wanted to bring the viewers into the reality of how much of a negative impact littering has on animals. 

Artist: Andrea Lau (09N2)

UN Sustainable Development Goal: Quality Education

This artwork displays an arm pierced by pencils, holding one in its fist, seeming to rise from a vibrantly illuminated book. Combining a pencil and book, common symbols of education, with a fist, representing anger and the need for change. The pencils piercing the wrist represent the challenges one is forced to face when lacking education. Chiaroscuro lighting is used to enhance and create a dramatic effect by creating a harsh contrast between the background and the subject; the background is almost totally black, while the subject is harshly illuminated.

31 Mar 2022

French Speech Competition

This year, six students ranging from Year 7 to Year 10, took part in the annual French Speech Competition 2022.  They had to recite a challenging piece of French poetry or prose from memory. There were some very commendable scores given the fierce competition across many Hong Kong schools. The students involved should be very proud of their efforts. They have demonstrated a love for French and a dedication to language learning. 

Félicitations à tout le monde!

The students who took part were:

  • Joshua Moore (07M1)
  • Felix Moore (07N2)
  • Agastya Rekhi (08N1)
  • Amaanat Rekhi (10N2)
  • Swati Sharma (10M2)
  • Jessica Lei (10N1)
31 Mar 2022

Chess Competition

Well done to Utkarsh Goyal (10N2) for hosting an online Interhouse Chess competition earlier this month for 74 students across the 6 houses. Utkarsh planned and organized it all himself and the students played with enthusiasm for about 2 hours. Well done also to everyone who participated in this competition, the results are below:

31 Mar 2022


Year 7

During the last week of term, students completed their unit of inquiry titled Chinese Music. They successfully created their own posters, showcasing key elements of their learning. We would like to congratulate Youn Cho (07C2) for her beautifully presented poster that was created using Canva.

Year 8

Students have explored how four chords can be used in popular music to create songs. Students have explored songs in their original form and in a variety of arrangements. We would like to congratulate the below students for their music arrangements that were created using GarageBand.

Shaun Kirpalani (08M2)

Will Ip (08N2)

Isaac Kwong (08K2)


Year 10

Throughout this term, students have investigated the 20th Century music styles of ragtime and jazz, impressionist, minimalist and neo-classical music. Students have composed, performed, and analysed music from these genres. We would like to acknowledge the informative presentations of Chester Lee (10N1), Hayley Wong (10S1), and Ella Lowe (10C2).

Ragtime – Chester Lee

Neo Classical – Hayley Wong

Minimalist – Ella Lowe 

31 Mar 2022

Film & Media

Year 9 Integrated Arts

The Year 9 Integrated Arts students have had a successful Film Unit in term 2 and have used the skills they acquired to create short horror films. Please take a moment to enjoy!

By Adrian Lau (09K1) and Aidan Lau (09N1)

Year 13 BTEC Media

Year 13 students are completing the final unit of their Creative Media Production BTEC. They are finding out about working freelance in the Creative Media sector. The students were fortunate to be able to gain a good deal of insight into this after talking to John Curran this week. He has worked for many years as a freelancer in TV and Film and was able to provide the students with valuable information about resources, professionalism, and health & safety as well as some interesting stories from working in this sector. On behalf of the Year 13s, many thanks to Mr. Curran for his time and for sharing his experiences.

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