Issue No. 17 (28 May 2021)

28 May 2021

Congratulations To Hailey Tang 

We would like to congratulate Hailey Tang, Year 8 who recently received a Distinction for her Grade 6 Harp ABRSM Music exam. Hailey has been playing for 7 years and shows great potential for such a young musician. Below is a video of her fantastic performance.

28 May 2021

English Writing Competition

We have winners in TWO new sets of English writing competition:

MI Young Writers Award 2021

  • Junior TOP 50
  • Amaanat Rekhi (9N2)
  • Camille Phieu (7N2)
  • Eldon Tse (9S1)
  • Certificates to follow.

COVID19 Winter Writing Competition

  • Jonahan Hok Yin Lee (8S1)
  • Michelle Chi Ying Lee (7C1)

Certificates have already been shared and a big congratulations to all!

28 May 2021

MaD Council & ICM Fundraiser Total

A huge thank you to all in our community who have donated to our ICM Family Academy in Bacolod, Philippines so far this year. Find out more about our Family Academy which South Island School has  supported through ICM for the last 7 years HERE

To date, we have raised just short of HKD33,000 which is just under half our annual donation amount from two Dress casual days,  and a pub-style Quiz night. Most recently, we raised HKD4,728.50 from our staff vs students event – many thanks to the teachers who volunteered to take part in these events on Friday 14th May and other student-inspired challenges along the way.

Stay tuned for some final events in these last weeks of term – the MaD Council is confident of making our HKD70,000 target by the end of October.

28 May 2021

Tech Connect – Week 2

This week in Tech Connect, Amaanat Rekhi (9N2) introduced some of our younger students in Bauhinia House to the growing significance of chatbots in our society. As well as explaining the wider context for the development of Artificial Intelligence, students had the chance to engage with a bot and set the task of using questioning techniques to help reveal that the bot is not human, whilst also learning about Alan Turing and the Turing Test.


28 May 2021

Namas MaD Week

We would like to thank all students and tutors for their tremendous support during our 5 months long MaD week!! Despite school closures and delays, the South Island community has pushed through and supported two fantastic mindfulness events. 

The first event focused on kindness messages which were handwritten by members of our community and delivered by the Namas Leadership team.  The second event involved students from all houses making a paper copy of their hand and writing a positive message on it.  The hands were then used to make bunting which is now hanging along with the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th-floor corridors of C-block.    

Once again, we would like to thank students and tutors for being so patient and supportive throughout the entire process and we hope that this MaD week has been an enjoyable event for all of you!

28 May 2021

SIS Chef Competition

The SIS Chef competition ran on 21st May for the first time in two years, and thankfully was able to go ahead this year!

The student SIS Chef Team created a brief of ‘Sustainable Food’, where all aspects of the dish had to reflect sustainable sources of ingredients and also focus on reducing waste or having only compostable wastage.

The placements were:

1st Place WINNERS: Selina DASWANI, Lora CHAN [08K1]

2nd Place: Nicole TSOI, Kayleigh FUNG [09B2]

3rd Place: Grace TIMPANY [12K2]

28 May 2021

Inter-Secondary Schools Golf Competition

We would like to congratulate the South Island School golf team for their recent achievements in the 2021 Inter-Secondary Schools Golf Competition 2021. 

South Island School Achievements 

Division A – Michael Wong 12N2, Marcus Tang 12M1, and Burton Cheung 12M2, achieving 2nd Runner up

Division C – Combined scores of Ernst Ma 9K1 and Michelle Wong 9N1, achieving 2nd Runner up

Individual Net Stableford – Michelle Wong 9N1 – 2nd Runner up

Individual Gross Stableford  – Burton Cheung 12M2 – 3rd Runner up

Individual Net Stableford – Michael Wong 12N2 – Champion

28 May 2021

Geography Field Trips

It’s fantastic to see the return of our Geography field trips with Yr 12 IB students this week. The HL and SL traveled to City Gallery for an exhibition on urban planning before heading off to Central, Causeway Bay, and Wan Chai to collect primary data for their IA.  Big thank you to Mr. Tait and Mrs. Beaumont for supporting the students.

28 May 2021

Year 8 – Music

Students are currently learning about Calypso and Reggae Music through performance and analysis activities. Our students are very excited to perform in small groups and whole class ensembles.


28 May 2021

Year 9 – InSoc

Year 9 InSoc students were Making a Difference in their lessons this week reflecting on gender, race, and disability issues. Students questioned how much “privilege” they have or how much they are marginalised. As always, this led to a lively debate!  Thanks to all the superstars in 9102 InSoc for making the lessons so thought-provoking.


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