Issue No. 17 (14 December 2018)

14 Dec 2018

Principal’s Christmas Message

Dear Students, Staff, Parents, Alumni and other members of the community,

Everything I have seen this term has reinforced to me what a great privilege it is to serve you all in this exceptional school.

Last week, we received a four-day visit from two colleagues representing the Council of International Schools (CIS) and the Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC), who were carrying out a Preparatory Accreditation Visit for South Island School. This process involved making a very thorough analysis of all aspects of school life.Our accreditors looked at our core values, such as the way our students make a difference as global citizens; they analysed the strength of our leadership, the internationalism of our curriculum, and the robustness of our assessments; they considered furthermore the emphasis we place on well-being and on keeping people safe, and how our premises, facilities and teaching resources help our students to achieve their very best; they noted how the expertise of our inspirational staff drives everyone towards exceptional achievements; and they were also struck by the supportiveness of you, our community, our family.

It will be a few weeks yet before we receive our official preparatory report – but it is already clear that they will be highlighting the student leadership at our school as an absolutely outstanding feature. Our students act as leaders every single day, in big ways and in small ways. Today, for example, our leading students were running our annual Christmas Assembly, which showcased so many of the things that makes South Island School so very special. It struck me as term ended that the young people who have done such a tremendous job in making a difference this term are the same slightly older people who will have the power to make even more of a difference as adults, as leading professionals in their chosen fields. This gives me great encouragement that our future is in very safe hands.

Merry Christmas everybody!

With best wishes,
Tom Vignoles

14 Dec 2018

HKAYP Gold Award Presentation Evening

On Thursday night, we had the HKAYP Gold Exploration presentation evening for our students who went to the High Mountains of the Eastern End of the Himalayas near Kangding, Sichuan, China. The students took part in a 5-day expedition, reaching an impressive altitude of 4100 meters. Last night, they shared their purposes with a small but selected audience giving interesting presentations on the following:

  • A Dummies Guide to HKAYP Gold from “Victorious Secret”;
  • A Cultural Comparison between Hong Kong and Kangding from “Ethans for Miles”;
  • All about the importance of Yaks largely through an entertaining role play from “Yaksis”.

We were also treated to a song from the team of 13 students, singing the well-known Tibetan ditty, Yeti the Red Horned Black Yak. There was also a very comprehensive photo display.

It was a very well presented and informative evening totally run by the students. In the audience, we were delighted to see many parents and teachers, our trip doctor SK and a team from the HKAYP Office, including the CEO Mrs Joyce Chan and a team from the International Award Office in London too. We also had Dr Khin-Shwe Eu who went on the trip a few years ago who hopefully will be our medic on the expedition next year.

14 Dec 2018

Director of Sports note

These results reflect a fantastic end to a very busy term for our sports department. Being new to South Island and Hong Kong, it took a while to adjust but the energy and enthusiasm that the students and teachers at South Island have for sports have made this adjustment easy. We are working hard behind the scenes to create even more amazing sporting opportunities for the students and our whole school community in the new year so it will be an exciting time to be part of South Island School in 2019 and beyond!

Wishing you all a great Christmas and Happy New Year.

Jon Redding
Director of Sport and Extra Curricular

14 Dec 2018

Sports Bulletin – 14 December 2018

Last Friday, the A and B Grade Girls ESF Basketball Finals were held at South Island School with both of South Island’s team participating.

The B Grade Girls tipped off at 3:30pm against KGV and within a minute from the jump ball Naomi Teng scored the first shot of the game. It was a very tight game with just 1-2 points lead throughout the 40-minute game. We even went to extra time as it was a draw at 40 minutes. Both teams scored but South Island B Grade girls eventually took the win!

Congratulations to the B Grade Girls Basketball team, well played and great team effort!

The A Grade Girls played after B Grade. It was Lisa Catalan and Netra Hankin’s last game at South Island School, so this game meant a lot to both the girls and the team. Unfortunately, the A Grade Girls fell short and were unable to claim the win. Despite losing to Sha Tin College, the girls played well but it was not their day. Farewell to Lisa and Netra, we will miss you!

At the same time, the B grade boys played in the ESF Schools final at West Island against Island School. We had already beaten them in the group stage, albeit by a point, so we knew it was going to be a tight game. However, we were always in control of the match, and only some slack defending allowed Island to close the gap although we held out to be comfortable 41-32 winners. With 12 boys present at the game, this bodes well for the future when most of the boys make the step up to A Grade.

Last Friday, we also had the ISSFHK U20 Girls Football game against WIS at Sandy Bay. SIS won 8-0 against WIS. Goal scorers were Vanessa Kwok scoring 4 goals, Andrea Chan scoring 3 goals, and Lily Brewster scoring 1 goal. Woman of the match goes to Vanessa Kwok. Congratulations to the team and hopefully we will be able to see some more outstanding performances in the semi-finals! The team now progress to the next round where they will face Kellett School in the new year.

(Lineup in the first photo: Zoe de Surville, Xenia Chan, Tatum Sadler, Sophie Hafner, Jacqueline Chu, Hana Meekcoms, Lily Walker, Andrea Chan, Vanessa Kwok, Lily Brewster, Abby Gan, Yasmine Pitt)

Last Saturday, it was our Girls Tennis team’s last HKSSF game for the season. It was a great day for tennis and definitely a great day for South Island. The girls played against St Clare’s Girls school at Victoria Park and won 5:0. It was Elisa Hirn’s last game forSouth Island School and what a great last game for her to finish with a clean sheet. She even bought cookies for the team as a leaving present. Farewell Elisa and good luck! Well done to the Girls Tennis team and let’s keep it up!

14 Dec 2018

Message from SIS PTA LTD Committee

Dear SIS Community, 

Festive winter is one of the most wonderful time of the year. The PTA wish your family and you a joyful holiday. 

Please stay tuned for more of our upcoming social, annual fund raising and educational events. 

Our warmest regards, 
Committee of SIS PTA LTD 

14 Dec 2018

SIS Christmas Extravaganza 2018

What an appropriate way to see Term 1 off in style and to celebrate a full and successful start of the 2018-2019 academic year, the only way South Island staff know how to… Big, Bold and Collaboratively… 

With wellbeing at the forefront of SIS and ESF’s agenda it is only right that we continued our tradition of a ALL STAFF Christmas Lunch on site, on Friday, 7th Dec. .  By the end of of the evening we saw approximately 100 teaching staff and 70 support staff in the Atrium enjoying a wonderful spread catered by Chartwells and par-taking in a  variety of entertainment activities from; Table Tennis, Jenga, Photo booth, prizes draws and Bingo (Mr. Rowe made an awesome Bingo caller and even had us out of out seats and dancing). 

The staff Christmas party is a real testament to how supportive, caring and cohesive the staff are, and this year was even bigger and bolder than before…

On behalf of the SIS Staff Association I’d like to  wish all stakeholders a restful, fun filled and peaceful holiday. 

Syrita Nicholas
SIS Staff Association Chair

14 Dec 2018

MYP experience at LPD

During our latest Learning and Professional Development (LPD) Committee meeting, a group of Year 8 students came along to share their personal MYP journey. James Bratton, Tisya Gupta, Emily Liu and Minjun Koo articulated their experience clearly and maturely. They also answered some very tough questions from the committee with great confidence. We are very proud of the students for beautifully demonstrating many of the Learner Profile attributes: Risk-taker for meeting with the committee, Communicator for articulating their journey so clearly to a diverse audience, Knowledgeable in the MYP framework, Thinker for answering some difficult unknown questions and of course, Reflective in their presentation of their journey. Well done James, Tisya, Emily and Minjun – weare very proud of you!

14 Dec 2018

Readathon Results

Dear All,

I would like to send my sincere thanks for your support with the Y7 and Y8 Readathon. The students made a great difference. They raised HK$43,351 in total to support ORBIS in their work of saving eyesight worldwide and read 972 books during the Readathon period. Through the program, they made a difference by exploring new book genres, applying new skills, inspiring others and helping the needy people in a global community. Congratulations to Kuca who are the Readathon House Winner 2018! 🎉

Special thanks to Ms Carolyn Andrews, Ms Victoria Butcher and Mr Andy Thums for their support in facilitating the Launch and Prize Giving Assemblies; Louisa for sorting the prizes; and Y7 and 8 tutors for their full support to the program. Huge thank you to all the English teachers for their participation and effort in encouraging the students in their endeavours of reading and making a difference to themselves and others.

Ms. Ow

14 Dec 2018

New Philosophy Club

In the New Year, we will be starting an extra-curricular activity called ‘Philosophy Bites’. It will be an opportunity for students of all ages to engage in challenging and exciting topics such as: meaning of life; what does it mean to be a person; and is there such a thing as right and wrong?

You will also have the opportunity to help choose the topics we explore, and how we explore it. This is an activity which will open your mind in a non-competitive setting. It will be run by Year 12 Philosophy students, Ms Edwards and Mr Metcalfe. Please sign up and if you have any questions either email us or find us in C37/38. We look forward to seeing you in the New Year.

Ms Edwards
Leading Teacher of Philosophy

12 Dec 2018

Well done, MUN students!

The MUN students attended a conference at the Chinese International School over the weekend. Three Year 13 students were elected to be chairs, who were: Valerie Hui, chair for Nato; Joanne Fu, chair for ICJ; and Melchior Lacave, chair for HSC. Chester Yiu, delegate for Belgium, won best overall speaker for the conference. Abheet Mandeer, delegate for Lithuania and Jason Su, delegate for Canada were given honourable mentions. Laura Chow, Joanne Fu, Melchior Lacave and Valerie Hu have worked very hard helping the other students succeed at this conference. All the students involved did an excellent job, especially as it was the last weekend before the end of term.

Ms Edwards
Leading Teacher of Philosophy