Issue No. 16 (7 December 2018)

7 Dec 2018

Five staff members received Long Service Award for HKAYP

Congratulations to the following staff who received an award for over 10 years’ service to the Hong Kong Award for Young People: Chris Chapman, Tim Oliver, Jenny Williams, Paul Gardner and Andy Morris. Paul and Andy received their awards from Chief Executive Carrie Lam on Monday at the Government House.

Mr. Paul Gardner (left) and Mr. Andy Morris (right) received a long service award for HKAYP from Chief Executive Carrie Lam at the Government House.

7 Dec 2018

Fascinating talk from Dr Steve Minchin

On Wednesday, a large audience of mostly Years 12 and 13 biologists attended a lecture on The Human Genome by Dr Steve Minchin, Senior Lecturer at the School of Biosciences from the University of Birmingham. This was a very interesting lecture which explored the significance and importance of the human genome. It was great for Year 12s who are recently learning about this, and for Year 13s too who have mock exams coming up.

The talk focused on how DNA sequence variation within the human population is responsible for individual uniqueness, including the differences in susceptibility to disease, responses to therapeutic treatment and personality. This was very thought-provoking information.

7 Dec 2018

HKAYP Gold Presentation at SIS

The HKAYP Gold Presentation at SIS will be held at 6:00pm on Thursday 13 December. The students who completed their arduous Gold HKAYP expedition in October will share their experiences. Anyone interested is welcome to attend. Please RSVP to Ms. Yokee Kwan if you would like to join. Please see attached the invitation.

7 Dec 2018

HKAYP Gold Award given to SIS Alumni

SIS alumni Michael Forrer and Katie Lipton have been awarded the Gold HKAYP at a special ceremony at the Government House. Unfortunately both were studying so they were unable to attend in person. Less than 50 Gold HKAYP Awards were given to young people in Hong Kong. Well Done Michael and Katie.

7 Dec 2018

Bronze HKAYP Training 30 November to 1 December

Led by a dedicated team of almost 20 staff and outward bound instructors, 84 Year 10 students had a very successful camp at Sai Kung Country Park. They were blessed by great weather and all teams had a really positive experience, adding significantly to their expedition skills. The SIS led camp had a fun night exercise which finished with some Christmas skits from each team, many of which were excellent. The only problem experienced was with some wild boars on the campsite that broke into two tents, involving one teacher and one student, but thankfully the tents were empty. Teachers patrolled the campsite throughout the night to ensure the students were undisturbed by boars. This camp was assisted by three of our Year 13 Gold students who were as always wonderfully helpful and great role models. Thanks to Alva Si, Haruka Kawazoe and On Mei Fung, and a very helpful Year 12 student Benet Doeringer who was also very supportive.


7 Dec 2018

Congratulations to Annie Jr (2018) performers!

Congratulations to the 120 plus students (and one dog!) who participated in the whole school production of Annie Jr last week on 27-29 November.  It is a mammoth task putting on a show, and the students dedicated many hours to rehearsal. The end result was nothing short of spectacular.  Over the three nights, the story of little orphan Annie came to life on the stage, as a result of the combined efforts of our actors, singers, instrumentalists, technical team members, back stage crew and designers. Many thanks also to all our supporters who packed out the hall each night.

More photos of the show can be viewed here.

7 Dec 2018

Sports Bulletin – 7 December 2018

What a great start to the week for South Island as our B Grade Boys Volleyball team participated in the HKSSF Volleyball match and won 25-20 and 25-18 against Munsang-HK. Well done to the B Grade boys and hope to see more wins from them in the coming competition.


Great weather for tennis last Saturday with a good win from South Island Boys Tennis team as they played against Evangel. The boys won 5.5-3.5. The match was captained by Lorenzo Melzi who was also Man of the Match. Congratulations to the boys! Not only that, but they had another game on Wednesday at the Hong Kong Tennis Centre. This was the last HKSSF game for the boys. It was a big game for them as they had to win to stay up in Division 1 in the HKSSF league. All members of the team went to support even though some were not selected to play. It was a very close match as they beat German Swiss International School 5-4. The result means the highest ever finish in Division 1 for the boys team at 4th and the longest run in Division 1 without relegation, so it was a tremendous effort. Man of the match goes to the whole team. Great job boys! Hope to see you all playing again in next year’s HKSSF league.


On Sunday we had our B Grade Girls first HKSSF match against Aberdeen Baptist. Unfortunately they fell short and lost 12-25 and 5-25. The first game was a very close match and the girls fought hard. Unfortunately the other school showed that they were a little stronger than us and found their rhythm and managed to win with a big score line. Well played girls and keep it up!


On Monday, we had HKSSF Division 1 Cross Country Competition. It was a very nice day for cross country out in Hong Kong Golf Club. The competition consisted off all A, B and C boys and girls age grades. Our A, B and C Grade Girls came 7th overall and our A, B and C Grade Boys came 10th overall. There was great running from all athletes with lots of first time runners and lots of talent.



It was a big game for our B Grade Netball Girls as they played their semi-final game at Kellett School against Heep Yun. The girls played outstandingly on Wednesday but unfortunately a spot in the finals wasn’t meant to be! It was such a close game throughout the match, mostly within three goals, however the match closed with a loss of 21-27. Women of the Match: Sophie Langford and Alyssa Wong.

On Wednesday, the Netball B Grade Girls played against Harrow School in the HKSSF 3rd and 4th playoffs. It was a very tight game as there were 1-2 points differences throughout the whole match. In the end, South Island was able to secure 3rd place in the HKSSF Netball. The girls fought hard throughout the match and managed to come back from being 2 goals down at the end of the second quarter to securing a one lead at the end of the third. The last quarter was intense, both schools dug in deep and provided good pressure. However, the South Island girls were able to step up and take the win in the last minute of the match. The girls played brilliantly and should be proud of their efforts and performance.

The final score was 19-18. Samantha Cho was voted woman of the match. Well done girls on a very successful season. We are very proud of the developments you have made in terms of skill, tactics and fitness and of course for winning 3rd Place in HKSSF! We are looking forward to the next season already, but for now we join a club outside of school and keep playing.



Oliver Blyth and Nicholas Chan received the Wilson Bowl Award at the Royal Hong Kong Yacht Club on 21 November 2018. The award is presented to the most promising youth rower of the year.

Oliver and Nick won the award jointly for the 2017/2018 season. The committee noted their performances in the Middle Island Race Series for South Island School and at the Biwako Junior Regatta in Japan for RHKYC both individually and in crews. The committee also commented that their commitment and determination were admirable and they were role models for the rest of the RHKYC squad. Congratulations Oliver and Nick!

We also have the ESF Basketball Finals on Friday 7 December 2018. Both our A and B Grade Girls will be playing at South Island with first game kicking off at 3pm. Our B Grade boys will be playing their finals at West Island School, kicking off at 3pm as well. Best of luck to all three teams!

5 Dec 2018

Little Sherman won 2nd place at speech festival

Congratulations to Sherman Ming who represented South Island School and won second place at the 70th Hong Kong Schools Speech Festival!

Little Sherman has been practising the dramatic duologue (Secondary 1 and 2) with his partner from West Island School for several months. They both received positive comments from the adjudicator.

(Photo credit: Mrs. Ming)


5 Dec 2018

Youth archery stars

Congratulations to Minjun Koo who placed 1st receiving a silver star which placed him 2nd overall in his division and Jason Choi who placed 4th in the Youth Archery Competition on Saturday 1 December.  The boys competed with a compound bow.

Both of them won trophies at another competition, with Minjun winning 2nd and Jason winning 3rd in their division. The boys made a difference as they greatly improved from previous results evening shooting at 30 meters.

Well done boys!

(Photo credit: Minjun Koo)

4 Dec 2018

24 Hour Race target exceeded!

As a school we have raised HK$78,080.5, exceeding our initial target of HK$60,000. All proceeds will go directly to ‘The Exodus Road’, and will be funding ‘Operation 24’, 24 Hour Race’s main fundraising project which will remove over 240 people, both victims and traffickers, from human trafficking in Thailand and other cities across Asia.

You can find more information by clicking this link or by signing up for the 24 Hour Race Community Newsletter.

Again, a massive thank you to everyone who helped out. We hope you will continue to support our cause, and hope to see you again next year!

Best Regards,
24 Hour Race Team