Issue No. 16 (11 March 2022)

11 Mar 2022

Interhouse Photography

As part of the Inter-House photography competition that ran during February, below is a selection of the best photos submitted by our students. Congratulations to everyone who entered the competition!

Casa – Nicholas Tam (13C2)

Bahay – Tae Kang-Stewart (11B1) 

Shtepi – Jonathan Lee (09S1) 

Kuca – Geetika Gokul (09K2) 

Namas – Utkarsh Goyal (10N2) 

Maison – Evelyn Wang (12M2) 

11 Mar 2022

Year 8 & 9 Dragon Maths Interhouse

Many Year 8 and 9 students participated in the Dragon maths Inter-House on March 7. 

All the students who took part achieved some great results, with the team of Year 9 Shtepians getting the highest score, while runner-ups were Year 9 Kuca and Year 8 Bahay. Kuca came first overall, followed by Shtepi, Bahay, Maison, Namas, and Casa.

Congratulations to Colin Vieira-Ribeiro, Darren Pun, and Kotomi Matsuyama for being the first three students to answer the puzzle!


11 Mar 2022

Year 10 Spanish Writing 

¡Hola a todos! We all know by now that online learning can sometimes be a challenge so I wanted to take this opportunity to showcase some class work that has been done by our students, even in these difficult times. 

Our Year 10 students recently wrote short essays in the style of an IGCSE question from memory. We have selected three great examples of work, where students show emerging accuracy and include some interesting idiomatic expressions. This was just a practice essay and it shows how hard the students have been working behind the scenes, giving us an insight into what’s to come. We hope you enjoy the examples below.

Durga Nair (10C2)

Sophie Rumble (10B1)

Kriti Tutika (10B2) 

11 Mar 2022

Film & Media Unit

The Year 9 students have shown great enthusiasm and creativity during our Film Unit. We have been exploring how film language can create atmosphere and tension for the audience. Please take a moment to enjoy some quick examples of the work they have filmed at home during online learning. 

Charis Phua (09K1)

Carina Koo (09M1)

Yurino Hisamori (09K1)

Adrian Lau (09K1)

As part of the Media Client Commission, Year 11 students work to meet their client brief as part of the AFP Media coursework. Below are two more lovely examples of their work:

Kailash Rajeshkumar (11K2) 

Tate Lo (11K1) and Nafia Anzum (11B2)

10 Mar 2022

Year 10 Music

For this term, students have been learning about 20th Century musical styles of minimalism, neo-classicalism, jazz, and impressionism. They have learnt how to use composition devices such as drone, parallel chords, sequences, and ostinato. We would like to acknowledge the below students, whose compositions successfully reflect their unique musical identity.

James Choi (10N2) – “Sentimental”

Hayley Wong (10S1) – “The Scream”

Felix Lim (10K2) – “The Window”

Airiana Chan (10B2)- “Street Moods”

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