Issue No. 13 (26 March 2021)

26 Mar 2021

Message From The Principal

Dear Parents,

Thank you again for all of your support this term! As we reach the Easter break, we must all be very proud of everything that we achieved. Whether onsite, in distance learning, or in some combination of the two, our students continue to greatly excel with their learning outcomes – and we also take this moment to thank our staff for the dedication, commitment, and professionalism.

We hope you enjoy reading about some of our latest learning highlights here and wish you a very pleasant Easter break.

With best wishes,

Tom Vignoles


25 Mar 2021

South East Asia Maths Olympiad (SEAMO) 2020 

The South East Asia Maths Olympiad is a maths contest that challenges students to think creatively and logically. It is an annual competition originated from Singapore that attracted thousands of students around the South East Asia region. Thank you to those who participated in the contest. Well done to the following students for their excellent achievements.  

Year 7  

  • Stephen Ngai – Gold  
  • George Kattikatt – Bronze  

Year 8  

  • Geetika Gokul – Bronze 

Year 9  

  • William Zhang – Bronze  
  • Joelle Leung – Bronze  
  • Vanessa Lok – Bronze  

Year 10  

  • Andrew Han – Silver  
  • Riya Girsh – Bronze  
  • Zheng Hao – Bronze  

Year 11  

  • Zahabiyah Boty – Silver  

Year 13  

  • Logan Kim – Gold

25 Mar 2021

Year 9 Integrated Arts Film

Year 9 Integrated Arts Film unit students have been practicing their cinematography skills, such as lighting and camera angles. Anna Keys and Ambre Gosse practiced using the Dutch tilt to show the uneasiness of the character and Poppy Byrom and Britney Chan undertook some experiments in lighting. Both practical tasks aim to develop the student’s understanding of using film language to create an uneasy atmosphere.

Anna Kets and Ambre Gosse – Dutch Tilt

Poppy Byrom and Britney Chan – Lighting

25 Mar 2021

The Tech Bubble – Ep12 EcoTech

The final episode of the Tech Bubble for Season 2 creates synergy between the Digital Leadership Council (DLC) and the Sustainability Council (SusCo) with guests including two South Island School teachers: Laura Beaumont and Adam Tait from the Individuals and Societies faculty, as well as Cameron Kyme from 12C1, a member of SusCo. We also welcome back former Head Prefect from 2018, Belinda Ng, a current student at Cambridge University, studying Geography, and Tracey Read from the NGO, Plastic Free Seas. Tracey is currently studying for a Ph.D. at the University of Queensland, researching the biodegradability of biodegradable plastic in the marine environment. Our usual two hosts, Digital Literacy Coordinator, Iain Williamson, and Chloe Jazzy Lau, Head of the Digital Leadership Council ask questions exploring the convergence of technology and environmental sustainability whilst also revealing the results of a school survey, quizzing students about their choice of search engine. Adam Tait discusses Ecosia, a search tool promoted by the Sustainability Council in which searches result in tree planting. 

As ever the Digital Leadership Council would love to hear your thoughts on the show. What would you like us to discuss? If you have any ideas, questions, or feedback then please write to

25 Mar 2021

Year 7 – Forced Perspectives

Year 7 have been inquirers during their PLC sessions recently. They were looking into images that used ‘forced perspectives’ and then had a go at creating their own. Here are some of their wonderful creations. Great work Year 7!

25 Mar 2021

Hong Kong Model United Nations (HKMUN)

SIS MUN students have just finished participating in HKMUN which was online this year between 21-23rd March. Many of the students were new this year and it was a great experience for them to be involved in such an exciting conference. It will serve as a great foundation for next year when hopefully we can start attending conferences in person again.


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