Issue No. 13 (16 November 2018)

16 Nov 2018

Glimpse of Athletics Finals Day 2018

Despite the weather forecast being mainly cloudy with rain patches, this year’s Athletics Finals Day kicked off with sunny periods. Athletes and staff raced and cheered, flooding the field and stand with smiley faces. The day climaxed when staff raced in a relay run. Thank you to those who organised and helped out at the event! Here is a glimpse of the day:

16 Nov 2018

HKAYP Updates

Silver HKAYP

27 Year 12 students were put through their paces on a recent Silver training Camp. Here they revised their navigation skills, cooking, teamwork and camp craft on the tough stage 3 of the McLehose Trail in Sai Kung Country park. The staff were impressed at the attitude of the students and the way they worked well as teams. In the afternoon students were left to find their way to Sai Kung through various low level tracks roads and villages and all generally fared well on this challenge too.


Reminder Next Bronze Expedition (Year 10 HKAYP)

This will take place 2 weeks from now from 30th November to 1st December and the 89 students involved in this are working hard to get ready.


Mr. Andy Morris
HKAYP and CAS Coordinator

16 Nov 2018

Reflection on 24 Hour Pedal Kart 2018


By: Sangeeth Dharmendran – SIS Pedal Kart Chief (13S2)

We as a team were able to work coherently and cohesively in order to accomplish a successful event this year. A large portion of which was only possible thanks to the support from the PTA, our project leading teacher Mr. Stirling Reed, and all other teachers.

Prior to the event we received professional service from the external mechanist – Mr. Jobar Kho from “Victory Cycling Workshop”, who was able to repair and refurbish all 3 carts. In additional, Mr. Kho coached our students some useful skills of pedalling, with huge assistance from several student racers who spent hours to help repair the carts after each training session. The last but not least is to thank Mr. Angus Choi – SIS Facility Manager for coordination with the mechanist and handling storage for the carts.

During the race, we encountered an unexpected issue with a broken custom made part and were close to withdrawing from the charity race. SIS Pedal Kart Team was very fortunate to have our brother school team – the Renaissance College to rescue us by lending us the part from their retired cart. Mr. Gianluca Croce – KGV Teacher offered help and lent us spare parts, tools and even their working pit. It proved the friendship within ESF community.

On behalf of SIS Pedal Team, I cannot thank these people enough by words. Our 3 teams cannot complete the race without their generosities. Our team will take all the experience for review and are looking forward for planning the next Pedal Kart charity race. I am so glad all the racers stayed safe and healthy throughout November 10 – 11 at Victoria Park. We all had a great time and it was a memorable event.

5 Nov 2018

School Musical Annie Jr. 2018

Tickets for our very exciting production of Annie Jr are going to be on sale on Monday 12 November. Students can buy these outside the Atrium during morning break and lunchtimes, costing $125 each.

With over one hundred students involved onstage, backstage and in the band, it would be fabulous to have a packed hall for them to perform to.

Performances are on the 27, 28 and 29 November at 7:00pm.