Issue No. 12 (9 November 2018)

9 Nov 2018

Thanks for coming to SIS Guiding Day!

We would like to thank all of our parents who attended the recent Guiding Day. There was a change this year in that all year groups met on the same day rather than having the Year 7 & 8 Guiding Day later in the school year. We do hope you found it informative and that it helped your child to plan future targets for the remainder of the term. It is a great opportunity to meet the Tutor and to get a picture of the whole child rather than just from a subject perspective. We have had some very positive responses from parents including some good suggestions for improvements. We would welcome any further feedback.

9 Nov 2018

Goodbye and see you again!

Thursday saw us say ‘au revoir’ to our visitors from Fontainebleau after another successful French Exchange. During the week our visitors attended lessons at SIS, visited Cheung Chau, Stanley, The Big Buddha, The Hong Kong History Museum and Chi Lin Nunnery, to name but a few places. Both our students and the French visitors from Lycée François Couperin have had a memorable intercultural experience.

A l’année prochaine!

9 Nov 2018

Hong Kong Inter-School City Nature Challenge

SIS was one of 30 schools taking part in this Bioblitz last week. Our school was able to contribute 643 observations from 96 students and staff, identifying over 150 species. We ended up coming 13th overall in the competition. The data collected provides valuable information about the biodiversity around our school grounds and in Hong Kong. We look forward to the next opportunity where we can perform better. Students had fun looking for all the different species as well as contributing to this very important survey.

The Hong Kong Inter-School City Nature Challenge (HKISCNC) is a friendly 4-day competition in which secondary schools find and log the most species in and around their campuses, gathering more data on Hong Kong’s urban biodiversity.

9 Nov 2018

Message from the PTA Chair – 9 November 2018

A HUGE thank you to PTA staff, Vivian and Lee-Chan for their tremendous work on 6 November, when parents shopped for winter uniforms with their children during their visit to school on Guiding Day.

Additionally, the PTA has funded three SIS Pedal Kart teams to race at the Hong Kong Charity Pedal Kart Grand Prix. Come and watch this amazing annual 24-hour team relay event at Victoria Park, Causeway Bay from 10 November noon (Saturday) until 11 November noon (Sunday). Over 60 athletes and student leaders will be involved in this project. Thank you to Mr. Alex Stirling-Reed and his fellow teachers for supporting students during the race.

Click here to view poster and details.

Karla Lee
PTA Chair

9 Nov 2018

Hong Kong Specimen Drawing Competition 2018

Dear Students,

If you are interested, there is a great biological drawing competition opportunity – Hong Kong Specimen Drawing Competition 2018. Please click here to see full details. This is open to all year groups. If you have younger siblings in primary school, they could also take part.

If you do enter, please send a copy of your submission to Mr. Morris.

Good luck and I hope some of you will take this opportunity. We had some finalists last year. Make sure you follow the rules carefully.

Andy Morris
CAS and HKAYP Coordinator
Science Teacher

9 Nov 2018

Brain and memory workshop at RC

27 Post-16 students had the opportunity to attend a fantastic event organised by ESF Centre at Renaissance College this Wednesday. Dr Jared Cooney Horvath from the University of Melbourne delivered a highly engaging session focussing on how the brain works, and how we can apply this knowledge to improve study and revision. These students came away with a lot of practical tips on how to study smarter.

9 Nov 2018

Congratulations to HKAYP Bronze Award recipients!

26 Students have recently been awarded their Bronze Hong Kong Award for Young People (HKAYP). This is a considerable commitment similar to the Duke of Edinburgh’s Award. It involves showing commitment and sustained progress in four areas of service, skill, expeditions and physical recreation. The students received their awards yesterday at a special pizza lunch.

Andy Morris
HKAYP and CAS Coordinator


List of award recipients:

  1. Aryan Siddharth (12B1)
  2. Long Suen (12K1)
  3. Roisin Byrne (13K2)
  4. Ian Dong (12B1)
  5. Ryan Tang (11K1)
  6. Michele Liu (11S1)
  7. Zoe Lu (11S2)
  8. Joey Lam (11N2)
  9. Nicholas Chan (11N2)
  10. Joy Lee (12S1)
  11. Crystal Roberts (13M1)
  12. Ranen Pang (11S2)
  13. Shu Yan Shum (11S2)
  14. Adrian Seto (13B1)
  15. Oliver Blyth (11N2)
  16. Justin Wong (11S1)
  17. Rachel Yeung (11B1)
  18. Yi Tan (11C1)
  19. Ernie Lui (11B2)
  20. Phoebe Leung (11B2)
  21. Colin Wong (11C1)
  22. Jinsol Lee (11M1)
  23. Michelle Li (11B2)
  24. Brandon Kim (12K2)
  25. Nicholas Tsui (11K1)
  26. Olivia Wong (11K2)



9 Nov 2018

Sun Yat-Sen Exhibition was a success!

The Dr Sun Yat-Sen Exhibition and Book Fair, co-organised by the Chinese Department and the Library, came to a successful end this week. As one of the highlights of the Readathon, the theme of the event was “How reading can lead to a fulfilling life”. A wide range of popular Chinese and English books was available in the book fair, encouraging our students to explore a variety of genres. Many parents paid a visit with their children during Guiding Day on Tuesday, and the ESF Chinese Adviser Huiling Yu was impressed with the show when he attended on Thursday. The Director of the Sun Yat-sen Museum was also invited to talk to our Years 7 and 8 Chinese learners about Sun Yat-sen’s close connection with Hong Kong. We are very grateful to the Dr Sun Yat-sen Museum in Hong Kong for the generous loan of the exhibition materials, which allowed our school community to enjoy this superb event.


8 Nov 2018

Box of Hope updates

Dear SIS Community,

Thank you for all the Boxes of Hope that have been donated so far.  We are sure there are lots more in progress.  Please be aware that Tuesday 13 November morning is the deadline for all boxes as they are scheduled for collection on that day by the BoH Organisation.  It would be wonderful to meet our usual contribution.  Here’s what we have so far: 

Thank you once again on behalf of BoH and the Casa Team.

Anne Henderson
Head of House

8 Nov 2018

Sports Bulletin – 9 November 2018

Sports results last week…..

Girls Tennis division 1 lost to GHS 1-5 on 27 October. Woman of the match Tahlia Lam (11B1). Great debut from Chloe Marchi (9N1). The girls did much better than the score reads, especially with the captain out.


Sports results this week…..

This has been a busy week for the sports department again, starting off with the Boys and Girls Tennis last Saturday against the reigning division 1 champions. Unfortunately both boys and girls team lost 0:5, the girls lost to DGS and the boys lost to DBS. Despite the loss, the boys won more games in their sets than last year’s team which has shown improvement. Man of the match: Justin Kim. Woman of the match: Phoebe Leung. On the same day, we had the B Grade Girls Basketball with a slow start to the game. They managed to close the gap and tied the whole way through from the second half. In the end the girls lost by 3 points in the dying moments of the game. Woman of the match: Bethia Kwok.

On Monday, our A Grade Boys Badminton lost to CCYMSS 1:3 and our B Grade Girls Badminton also lost 0:3 WIS. On the same afternoon, our C Grade Boys Football played in the ISSFHK finals, but unfortunately they lost in a tight final against WIS 0:1. West Island had a strong goalkeeper and made several great saves. Well done to the boys for all their effort!

It was a big day for our C Grade Boys Rugby as they travelled to HKIS for a semi-final game. They played against HKIS and won 43-5. Congratulations!

It was a busy Wednesday afternoon for SIS as B Grade Boys Badminton played against HKUGA and won 3:1. On the same evening, we had our B Grade Boys Basketball playing against St Paul’s College with an unfortunate loss 22-32. Men of the match: Justin Kim and Joshua Toner-Cawte. A Grade Boys Rugby travelled all the way to Harrow to play their semi-finals, and with the amazing team they managed to beat Harrow 33-26. Congratulations and well done to all the teams this week!

7 Nov 2018

Treatment and Prevention of Head Lice

Dear Parents,

A case of head lice was reported among students in our school. It is not serious but does need immediate attention, as lice can give discomfort and are easily spread. It is recommended that you examine your child’s head so that, if necessary, immediate treatment can be started.

If your child has head lice, all household members should be checked and treated, if necessary. You do not need to do extensive housecleaning because head lice won’t survive long if they fall off a person and cannot feed. To prevent reinfestation, concentrate on cleaning the things that your child’s head came into direct contact with in the past few days.

Outbreaks of head lice are common in schools, especially as the weather gets warmer.

How to Identify Head Lice

Head lice, or pediculus capitis, are very small insects that live on the human scalp. They are whitish-grey in colour but turn reddish brown after feeding on blood from the scalp. They regularly lay clusters of eggs, called nits, on the roots of hair, which appear yellowish-white in colour. Younger ones are almost translucent until they have had their first meal, when they turn red. These small insects are fast-moving but cannot jump or fly.

The most common symptom is an itchy head. Tiny red bite marks may also be visible around the hair line, and head lice may be visible behind the child’s ear, or on the nape of their neck.

Treatment and Prevention

Wash or dry clothing and bed linens at temperatures above 130°F. This will kill stray lice and nits. Seal clothing or other items that are not washable in a plastic bag for two weeks or put them in the dryer. Soak combs and brushes in very hot water for 5 to 10 minutes. Remind your children not to share combs, hair ornaments, or hats, and ask them to stuff their jackets into their backpacks at school, rather than hang them on a communal hook.

Try a Simpler Approach Instead

The experts say that the best approach is also the easiest: using a wet comb.

Coat your child’s hair and scalp with conditioner or a safe lubricant such as olive oil. Use a wide-tooth comb to separate hair into sections. Follow with a metal nit or flea comb, concentrating on the area close to the scalp. After each comb-through, wipe the comb on a paper tower and inspect for lice. Continue combing until no lice are found; a single session can take 15 to 60 minutes depending on the length and thickness of hair.

Repeat every three to four days for several weeks and continue regular combings for two weeks after any session where an adult louse is found.

Jeanette Hui
School Health Professional
6 November 2018

5 Nov 2018

School Musical Annie Jr. 2018

Tickets for our very exciting production of Annie Jr are going to be on sale on Monday 12 November. Students can buy these outside the Atrium during morning break and lunchtimes, costing $125 each.

With over one hundred students involved onstage, backstage and in the band, it would be fabulous to have a packed hall for them to perform to.

Performances are on the 27, 28 and 29 November at 7:00pm.

2 Nov 2018

SIS Fencing Girls Saber Team Came 3rd

Congratulations to Kylie Chan (11M1), Summer Fay Sit (9B1) and Summer Jane Sit (7B2) on winning 3rd place in Girls Saber at the Inter School Fencing Team Competition on 28 October. And also congratulations to Abigail Lau (7N2) winning silver in Individual Girls Foil Grade C. The news of your achievement has come as a great delight to all of us. All the hard work and practice have paid off. We wish you many more years of success in sports!