Issue No. 11 (7 Jan 2022)

7 Jan 2022

ICM Family Academy Donation 

The MaD Council (Maya Bragge, Elaine Lee, and Asia McLaughlin) was elated to welcome Winnie Chau from ICM into school to accept the annual $70,000 donation in support of our Family Academy in Bacolod, Philippines. We have been supporting ICM since 2014 with the initial Jumpstart kindergarten, then shifting the focus to the Family Academy programme. Unfortunately due to the pandemic, we were unable to organise our MaD week trips to the Philippines, as usual, this year. Instead, we organised an ICM Fundraiser where teachers, students, and parents actively participated in a range of activities. We are grateful to everyone who has helped and supported the MaD Council along the way and we look forward to more ICM initiatives in the upcoming year!

7 Jan 2022

Mental Health First Aid Course

Bravo to the 16 students from Year 12 who were so good to spend their Christmas holidays joining the 2-day Mental Health First Aid (MHFA) Standard Course. They had successfully passed the test to become the Mental Health First Aiders. The MHFA Course is an internationally accredited training program from Australia. During these two days, our students acquired knowledge and skills for helping people with mental health challenges and crises. They are also ready for running mental health-related programs to promote the mental well-being of people, as well as to dispel any stigma regarding mental illnesses. Our Social Worker, Ms. Kamy Yeung (Course Instructor) was so impressed with their active participation and positive learning attitudes throughout the course.  

Congratulations to the following Mental Health First Aiders:

12B1:  Dalveen Brar, Lee Hin Chun, Ho Yuen Mak, Sian Littlewood

12B2:  Kandace Chan, Hilary Cheung

12C1:  Isabella Stewart

12K2:  Darren Kim

12M1: Dhrishti Dayaram

12M2: Riya Rao

12N1:  Breanna Marie Donovan,  Polly Shepherd, Seoyun Lee, Joshua Tse

12N2:  Kristy Poon

12S2:  Bronson Lam

We look forward to seeing their further supportive actions for the school community.

7 Jan 2022

Winter Concert

The school welcomed back another fantastic event last term, the music department’s Winter Concert. Students presented their vast array of music talent to a live audience of teachers and fellow students in The SPACE, with wonderful performances by the Vocal Academy, Sinfonia, and Stage Band! We are very happy to share with you all, the recording of the event below:

7 Jan 2022

Year 9 Girls Robotics Course

Between October and December, eleven girls from Year 9 participated in a coding initiative each week in Admiralty, which involved learning the coding language Python, before applying this knowledge to a short robotics course. Working in three teams, the girls applied their learning to a series of tasks, which included navigating their robots through, across, and over various obstacles whilst navigating using only the camera lens, fitted to the robot. The ‘Girls in ICT’ initiative was designed by FDM, a training institute for graduates. 

7 Jan 2022

Year 10 Music Composition

Our Year 10 iGCSE music students have recently completed their own compositions in the form of Theme and Variations. For this project, students learnt about composition techniques in a variety of different settings. We would like to congratulate Chester Lee, for his outstanding composition. 

7 Jan 2022

STEM Competition 2021

The competition took place on the 13th of November 2021. Participants were to create a planting water pump and soil moisture detection system through the use of the TI tools. The judging panel included the President of the HK Association of Mathematics Education, Mr. Wong Ka Lok, the STEM innovation manager for TI, Mr. Fred Fotsch, and the founder of the software development company, Mr. Omar Diab.  

Twelve teams of 3 to 4 participants from various schools participated in the competition.  

Jason Choi, Enoch Chu, and Anson Li from SIS came in second overall and won the TI-Nspire™ CX II graphing calculators. 


7 Jan 2022

Sports News

Message from Mr. Jon Redding, Director of Sports and Extra-Curricular

Happy New Year!

Before Christmas our swim team took part in the ISSFHK Virtual Swim Gala and we have just received the results. Our students raced in all strokes across 50m and their times were compared to the times achieved by all the swimmers who took part in the gala at other schools. Here are the results:

Girls aged 12-13 50m freestyle 

  • Overall 2nd Ashley Koh  

Boys aged 14-15 50m Freestyle 

  • Overall 2nd Sean Wong 

Girls aged 16 & Over 50m Breaststroke 

  • Overall 1st Marisa Lau 
  • Overall 2nd Jacqueline Chong 

Boys aged 12-13 50m Breaststroke 

  • Overall 1st Enzo Wong 

Girls aged 14-15 50m Breaststroke 

  •  Overall 2nd Katelyn Chui

Girls aged 12-13 50m Backstroke 

  • Overall 1st Ashley Koh 

Boys aged 14-15 50m Backstroke 

  • Overall 1st Sean Wong 

Girls aged 12-13 50m Butterfly 

  • Overall 1st Ashley Koh 

Girls aged 12-13 50m Individual Medley 

  • Overall 3rd Ashley Koh 

Team results 

  • Girls – 3rd 
  • Boys – 8th 

Well done to all the students who took part. Unfortunately, our swimming pool is now once again closed. However, we look forward to hosting more galas, competitions, matches, and events across a range of sports, whether virtually or face to face, as soon as we are once again able to do so.

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