Issue No. 11 (5 March 2021)

5 Mar 2021

JA Asia Pacific Challenge – Chloe Jazzy Lau

Congratulations to Chloe Jazzy Lau, Y12 who has this week won the JA Asia Pacific Challenge 2020-21, a highly competitive and prestigious entrepreneurship challenge for youth:

Chloe together with Aiswarya Rambhatla had both won the HK Challenge and hence earned the right to represent the city at the Asia Pacific Challenge, which has taking place for the last three days. Each student was then paired with a member from another Asian country and got to prepare and present their pitches over the last two days. The Finals were on Wed 3rd March and the results announced later that evening followed by an awards ceremony – all on Zoom! 

A very well deserved win for Chloe and a commendable achievement by both students! 

5 Mar 2021

Year 7 and 9 French Interviews

Let’s congratulate our Year 7 students on writing their interviews and mastering text conventions in French while our Year 9 students were sharing their wishes on their own future and potential career prospects …. UN GRAND BRAVO A TOUS !

5 Mar 2021

Year 8 Spanish – La Comida (Food)

As part of the Year 8 unit of inquiry ‘La comida’ (food), students had the opportunity to investigate a recipe of their choice from a Spanish-speaking country and recreate it at home. Little did we know that we had so many talented chefs at SIS. Our students prepared a variety of dishes ranging from ‘churros con chocolate’, ‘natillas de leche’, ‘paella’ and ‘tortilla de patatas’ to mention a few. The Spanish Department was delighted with the response from the students, and we hope they enjoyed the process.

Featured is a video by Skye Semple, 8B1 who made ‘paella’, which definitely looks good enough to be served in a restaurant!

5 Mar 2021

Year 10 Enrichment Activity

Last month, our Year 10 Students undertook an enrichment activity where they had to complete a micro-volunteering project over 2 weeks – creating an Instagram account and promoting their chosen cause or NGO. Students reported back and shared their projects in their enrichment groups. SIS students collaborated with Social Career, the NGO which connects students with volunteering opportunities – they work across several ESF schools including Island School and Discovery College.  

4 Mar 2021

HKAYP Bronze Awards

With all the social distancing restrictions and school closures, it has been a very challenging year for our HKAYP students. However, we are very pleased to celebrate the amazing achievement of 20 SIS HKAYP students who have recently successfully completed and have been awarded the Bronze Level Hong Kong Award for Young People. The following students received their certificates and HKAYP Pin badges in a small celebration with Mr Oliver and Mr Morris.

  • KO, Kiki (11N2)
  • ARGAL, Soham (12B1)
  • YUE, Jet (12N2)
  • KYME, Cameron (12C1)
  • LEE, Jurie (12K1)
  • MAMGAIN, Aashika (11N2)
  • CHUN, Natalie (11C1)
  • CHUNG, Vivienne (11B2)
  • LAW, Anjelica (11S1)
  • LEE, Zoe (11B1)
  • LEUNG, Andrea (11B1)
  • WHITTON, Sophie (11S1)
  • YAN, Kathy (11K2)
  • LUK, Rachel (12K2)
  • Cynthia Hau (12B1)
  • Davina Ho (11K2)
  • Ivan Yuen (12S2)
  • Sarah Feng (12S1)
  • Elaine Lee (12C1)
  • Hannah Keeley (12K1)
4 Mar 2021

Interhouse Vegan Cooking Competition

A big thank you to all the students and staff who have participated in the Vegan/Vegetarian Cooking/Photography competition over the CNY break. The competition has been judged by an independent panel of student judges from the Sustainability Council and SIS Chef Head team. 

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