Issue No. 10 (5 February 2021)

We continue to be extremely proud of our students’ learning outcomes, whether on site or in distance learning – and this week we also celebrate the work of a number of individual students who have been highly successful in school, local or regional competitions. We hope you enjoy reading about these highlights in our e-bulletin! 
4 Feb 2021

CNY Activities

Students were given the opportunity to design the ‘Year of the Ox’ greetings card. We were really impressed by students’ creativity and design skills! 

1: Esther Au Yeung 08CN106

2: Christine Leung 08CN101

3: Katelyn To 07CX104

4: Katrina Wong 10CX202

5: Olivia Tusi 08CX107

6: Yurino Hisamori 08CX107

The final winner is Katrina Wong (10CX202) (Artwork No.4). Congratulations Katrina!

4 Feb 2021

Year 7 – Chinese Music

Year 7 students have recently started their Chinese Music unit and have recently explored different Chinese instruments. Throughout this unit, students will experiment with a variety of composition, performing and listening activities. We would like to congratulate Chloe Wong for her outstanding poster, which communicates knowledge regarding Chinese instruments.

4 Feb 2021

Year 9 – Integrated Arts

Year 9 Integrated Arts students have completed their Film Unit and we’re thrilled to share a selection of their incredible work completed at home during online learning. The task was to create a very short horror film and to use the filming techniques learnt during the unit such as lighting effects, the importance of sound and different camera angles such as the Dutch tilt used to communicate unease. The students have made some very creative and creepy films during school closure and have shown commitment and innovation throughout the Film Unit. Please enjoy!

By James Choi, Felix Lim, Albert Xiong and Clio Wu


By Serenity Lockwood


By Amaanat Rekhi, Iris, Ruby


By Yu Tsun Lam, Becky Yip, Ella Tsia and Breanna Ngai

4 Feb 2021

Year 9 – Product Design

Year 9 students have been carrying out an inquiry into the design and manufacture of a speaker and casing. Students have investigated electronics, sound, materials and manufacturing techniques. At school they have been soldering circuit boards to create a portable speaker to plug into a device to play music.  They have developed Computer Aided Design skills to model their design ideas:

4 Feb 2021

HKYWA Shortlisted

Each year students are given the opportunity to submit literary works to the Hong Kong Young Writer’s Awards.  The competition is open to all schools in Hong Kong and students compete in different age categories.  It is a fantastic outlet for our students who enjoy writing and telling stories.  The competition is always based on a theme.  This year the theme is: Tales from China’s Magical Mountains. Two of our very own South Island School students, Kavinda De Alwis and Annika Li, have  been shortlisted in a very competitive field of talented writers!.  

Kavinda De Alwis 12B2 has been shortlisted for Fiction Group 5 with a piece entitled Harvest.

Annika Li 8B2 has been shortlisted for Poetry Group 3 with a piece entitled Spellbound.

We are very proud of you!

4 Feb 2021

EcoBus Students Score Prestigious Win

Many congratulations to Chloe Jazzy Lau (12B1) and Aiswarya Rambhatla (12M1) for winning the prestigious FedEx Express/JA International Trade Challenge(HK) 2020/21 earning them the right to represent HK at the APAC challenge in March where they will be pitched against the best in Asia.

FedEx Express/JA ITC Challenge, HK this year drew 315 students who participated in virtual workshops led by volunteers from Junior Achievement (JA) and the sponsors FedEx, where they were mentored in business strategy. The shortlisted 10 teams then presented their business plans with value proposition, pricing strategies, identified market opportunities and distribution channels, virtually to the panel of judges.

Within the theme of sustainable tourism, the duo developed ‘AquaVenture’ – ‘an innovative filtration straw for adventure lovers. Made of bio-based materials, the straw removes pathogens from contaminated water and provides on-the-go access to clean drinking water’. Good luck to them for the APAC Challenge ahead now! More information is HERE

4 Feb 2021

Daniel Lawton Memorial Scholarship Award

The Music Department is delighted to award this year’s ‘Daniel Lawton Memorial Scholarship’ to Charlene Lam, 11S1. Charlene is a very accomplished clarinet player who has dedicated many years to playing. Since joining SIS last year she has integrated into SIS ensembles and will use the money to extend her studies post Grade 8. You will have the opportunity of hearing Charlene play as a soloist in the Gala Concert, June 2021.

We also would like to extend a thank you to all students who entered the process and to our students who made the shortlist auditions. We commend you all on continuing to play during these difficult times and look forward to a time when ensemble playing can resume once again.

4 Feb 2021

Interhouse Challenge – 100km in 24hours

In the month of January, we have been asking all students to complete 1.5km, 3km and 5km as part of the IH challenge. Taking things to another level, SIS Leading Teacher of English, Mr Alex Stirling-Reed actually completed 100km in 24hours! It was great for Alex and fellow teachers to become role models for our students during this challenge, and his next task will be to tackle the Wilson and Lantau Trail.

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