Issue No. 10 (26 October 2018)

26 Oct 2018

IBO MYP Authorisation – Confirmed

We are delighted to confirm that following our IBO MYP Verification Visit last month, South Island School is now fully authorised to offer the IBO Middle Years Programme (MYP) to Years 7-9. We received our report from the IBO a few days ago – and it confirms our full authorisation.

This achievement is a credit to the hard work that our teachers, our students and our community have put into making the early years of this course such a great success – and our special thanks and congratulations go to Ms Carolyn Andrews for overseeing the full journey to authorisation over the last few years.

We now have five years until the next IBO checkpoint – the five year evaluation. Our report in fact shows that we have completed nearly all of the requirements for this already! However, please rest assured that we will not be sitting still. Although we have already met IBO requirements for authorisation, now we want to make SIS MYP absolutely the best it can be for our students – and you can read about some of our next steps in the SIS Annual Report, which has also just been published. So the hard work will continue. In the meantime, please join us in celebrating this major milestone at SIS!

26 Oct 2018

Sports Bulletin – 26 October 2018

Sports results this week…..

It’s been a very busy week for different sports this week.

On Monday and Tuesday we had A Grade Boys, A Grade Girls and B Grade Girls Badminton, but unfortunately three teams lost to very strong local school competitors. Junior girls had a game on Tuesday against AISHK and they lost 1-5. Woman of the match: Maya Meekcoms as she was very determined whilst defending against a strong attacking team. On the same day, we also had the Girls Hockey who drew 1-1 against GHS.  The U14 boys football team lost to West Island 6-5!  After being 3-0 down after 5 minutes, the boys got back to 4-3 down at half time. We then missed a penalty to lead 5-4 after equalising, and then Leo scored his 5th goal to lead 5-4 then 2 late goals from West Island meant we lost 6-5! Man Of Match: Leo Doyle with 5 goals.  Meanwhile, boys volleyball lost to AISHK 21-25/22-25. A close match but we just couldn’t cross the line. C Grade Boys rugby also conceded a big win 72-5 against Island School!

On Wednesday we had Netball girls and unfortunately Netball B1s lost to a strong WIS team 27-5. Women of the match: Samantha Cho. On the other side, Netball B2s won 10-2 against Island School. Woman of the match: Lizzie Hendricksen. Badminton A Grade Girls lost to SSCS but our B Grade Boys won v HW 2:3. The A Grade Boys Football drew 1-1 with St. Joseph’s.  After being 1-0 down at the break, the team showed great character to come back. Goal scored by Jake Chow, Man of the Match: Gwion Sexton.

On Thursday we had the A Grade Boys rugby against WIS, with SIS 14:0 up at half time and winning full time 48:10. The Junior Girls Football won 1-0 against NAIS, scoring the winner with 5 minutes to go. Woman of the match: Yasmine Pitt. Great captain and scorer of the goal. Both our A Grade and B Grade boys won their basketball game against Island School B grade by 19-18!

Well done for the great effort shown by all our teams this week!

Other sports news 

Our sports matches continue next week with even more HKSSF matches in basketball, football, badminton & tennis. The  ESF basketball, rugby, hockey and netball competitions continue for another few weeks and the ISSFHK matches in football are coming to a conclusion with semi-finals and finals to be played soon.  The schedule of all matches can be found on the school calendar or by following this link

Interhouse activities

Interhouse sport continues today with an indoor rowing competition, with students from all year groups representing their houses in some distance rowing events on the Concept 3 rowing machines. This promises to be good fun with a lot of exhaustion at the end!!! Good luck to all participants.

26 Oct 2018

Election of Rainbow Ko to SIS School Council

Dear Parents,

Following the closure of the allocated time period for nominations from SIS parents, we can confirm that ONE nomination was received for the vacant role of Parent Representative on the South Island School Council. This nomination was for RAINBOW KO. We are very grateful to Rainbow for offering to serve SIS in this way.

Rainbow is already a very experienced member of the SIS Learning and Professional Development sub-committee, and you can read her statement (here) regarding her suitability for this role.

After discussion of the election procedure with ESF, we can confirm:

  • That the candidate elected is by definition the nominated candidate who receives the most votes, and that there is no requirement for a minimum number of votes to be cast.
  • Since Rainbow is the only nominated candidate, and has already received at least one vote on the nomination form, it is clear that Rainbow is automatically the candidate who has received the most votes.

Hence, there is no need for any further ballot of parents.

Therefore, I declare that Rainbow Ko has been duly elected to the South Island School Council, with immediate effect.

Thank you again to Rainbow for taking on this important and time-consuming role. I would also like to take this final opportunity to thank Janet Walker for her many years of service on the SIS School Council.

With best wishes,

Tom Vignoles
Principal, South Island School

26 Oct 2018

AWE survey result

South Island School

1st School Wellbeing Report

Students should all have received their AWE survey result by Monday. The results are broken down into different components and these have been interpreted as charts and graphs. There is an overall Appendix with questions and answers that students might have. As well as this there are three pages of resources (apps, books and websites) which we feel are very useful to refer to.

We are trying to create a culture of valuing wellbeing, taking personal responsibility and having conversations with others. Students should read the report to help them be more self-aware and make positive changes for themselves, possibly using the suggested resources above. We are encouraging students to share and have discussions about their results with their parents and have conversations about how they feel. Having a support network of family, friends and their Tutor is also essential. If any student has had an ‘Alert’ flagged up by their responses then they were asked if they could alert us at school and students have agreed to actions being taken. In these cases Tutors are starting to have conversations with individuals. Another great website for students to explore:

From our overall student results we have not had any surprises. We had had breakdowns of Happiness, Resilience, Satisfaction with Life, Health, Satisfaction that school supports student wellbeing and lastly Bullying. The results from all of these areas are what we would be expecting. The main focus of the AWE Assessment is to track changes in student wellbeing overtime and to be able to determine how effective our wellbeing initiatives have been. To be able to do this we will be redoing the survey in March 2019.

We will be following up some of the messages from the survey in our Pastoral Learning Curriculum that takes place on Tuesday mornings and of course, we will be having private conversations with any student who appears to need this.


26 Oct 2018

Digital Leadership Team

The Digital Leadership Team is steadily growing at SIS whilst being increasingly involved in key events and even some curriculum initiatives too. Recently, our Digital Leaders have been supporting Year 8 InterD lessons as part of the Digital Citizenship Unit in which students are constructing websites to support the Laptop Induction process of their younger peers in Year 7. Later this term, Digital Leaders will once again work with Year 8 InterD students supporting the media literacy unit in which students are set a brief involving the construction of a short silent film. Equally Digital Leaders will be involved in the Laptop Induction evenings scheduled for later in October.

With the number of Adobe programmes offered to students throughout the school, Digital Leaders are busy preparing for term 2 during which we hope to offer a range of training courses in software programmes such as photoshop and premiere. This will be offered each Thursday evening in conjunction with a photography club and our existing coding club.

To spearhead this initiative, Karina Au and Samuel Bonnekamp have been elected to act as our head Digital prefects for the year ahead. Sam is a passionate advocate of coding languages and is in his third term of running our coding club. He is fluent in HTML, CSS, JavaScript and several other languages having attended the BSD coding academy in addition to his studies at SIS. Karina is the SIS representative as part of the ESF wide Computer Conference, which will take place for the second time at SIS in March 2019. Karina was one of only five students to score in the very top markband of our AFP Media course in years 10 and 11. She has outstanding skills in media literacy and has been heavily involved in the planning of several digital literacy initiatives to date.

25 Oct 2018

Diwali Night 2018

Dear Parents,

Mark your calendars for the 2nd of November, as we are thrilled to invite you all to South Island’s Diwali Night!

Diwali Night is the celebration of the festival of lights and we are extremely excited to showcase our amazing performances and unrivaled catering. All towards exhibiting South Island’s rich multiculturalism through India’s exceptional cultural heritage.

Diwali Night will include quality entertainment from our very own students and teachers, as well as boasting some of the best Indian Food in Hong Kong!

Food will be served at the refectory from 6pm and performances will begin at The Hall at 7pm. This year, dinner will be catered by one of Hong Kong’s best Indian Restaurants: Legends of India.

The cost of the tickets are priced as below:

  • $100 for students (food included!)
  • $130 for adults (food included!)
  • $450 student package (5 students)
  • $510 family package (2 adults, 3 students)

All profits raised will be donated towards the charity World Vision, where your money will go straight to children endangered and threatened by a life of drugs, gang violence, sexual assault, and trafficking. So every dollar helps!

We will be selling tickets at school, outside the Atrium, during breaks and lunches. Tickets can be bought from the 23rd of October onwards. Those who have pre-ordered tickets can come to collect their tickets as well.

To find out more about World Vision and their mission, you can go onto

So come along to South Island’s most exotic and multiculturally rich event on the 2nd of November!

Thank You,

The Diwali Night Team

8 Oct 2018

Chinese Drama with Music “Butterfly Lovers”

Dear SIS Students,

The Chinese Drama with Music, Butterfly Lovers 《梁祝》, is being run by the school for the first time. This play is based on a Chinese legend telling the tragic love story of two lovers, Liang Shanbo (梁山伯) and Zhu Yingtai (祝英台) and is considered to be one of China’s Four Great Folktales.

Students can gain an insightful appreciation of classical literature through acting, dancing and performing to famous pieces of classical Chinese music and engaging with traditional Chinese social themes.

The performance will be shown to the public on 11, 12 and 13 March 2019, at 7pm, in the School Hall. A preview will be performed to ESF primary schools on 11 March at 12:30pm. The production will be conducted in Mandarin, Cantonese and English. Almost all acting roles will involve speaking in Mandarin and/or Cantonese. This will be a great opportunity to showcase your acting and language skills at a performance level.  SIS students are now invited to sign up to audition for the following roles:

Audition for Performers:

Liang Shan-bo 梁山伯
Zhu Ying-tai 祝英台
Liang Shan-bo’s Mother 梁山伯妈妈
Zhu Ying-tai’s Father 祝英台爸爸
Zhu Ying-tai’s Mother 祝英台妈妈
Ma Wen-cai 马文才
Professor 老师
Professor’s Wife 师母
Servant 仆人
Boatman 船家
Students 学生 (several)
Ensemble Dancers 舞蹈

Recruitment for Backstage Team:
Stage Manager 舞台监督
Deputy Stage Manager 執行舞台监督
Assistant Stage Managers and Dressers 助理舞台监督
Ticketing Manager 票务
Marketing Graphics Designer 宣传平面设计
Promotion Trailer Director 宣传影片导演
Promotion Trailer Photographers 宣传摄影

For those who are keen to participate, you will have to commit to the following rehearsal times:

January – March, 2019
Tuesdays: 8:00-10:00am
Fridays: 1:15-3:00pm (Dancers and singers)
Saturdays (3 times): 10:00-13:00 (Actors) 23/2, 2/3, 9/3

The deadline for audition sign-up is 30 November 6pm. The audition date is one week later – 7 December (Friday) 1:15 – 3:00pm in Drama Studio 2.

If you are interested in participating in the Butterfly Lovers《梁祝》, please sign up here. If you cannot open the link, please click on the following link:

Should you have any questions, please contact Mrs Holyoak

Best wishes,
Mrs Holyoak