26 Oct 2018

IBO MYP Authorisation – Confirmed

We are delighted to confirm that following our IBO MYP Verification Visit last month, South Island School is now fully authorised to offer the IBO Middle Years Programme (MYP) to Years 7-9. We received our report from the IBO a few days ago – and it confirms our full authorisation.

This achievement is a credit to the hard work that our teachers, our students and our community have put into making the early years of this course such a great success – and our special thanks and congratulations go to Ms Carolyn Andrews for overseeing the full journey to authorisation over the last few years.

We now have five years until the next IBO checkpoint – the five year evaluation. Our report in fact shows that we have completed nearly all of the requirements for this already! However, please rest assured that we will not be sitting still. Although we have already met IBO requirements for authorisation, now we want to make SIS MYP absolutely the best it can be for our students – and you can read about some of our next steps in the SIS Annual Report, which has also just been published. So the hard work will continue. In the meantime, please join us in celebrating this major milestone at SIS!

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