10 Nov 2017


Silver HKAYP

38 Students and 8 staff joined our first full Silver Practice Expedition in Sai Kung Country Park on 3-4th November. After enjoying a ‘wild camp” on the Cheung Sheung Plateau the students made their way along the gruelling Stage3 of the MacLehose Trail learing key navigation and other important expedition skills. For the afternoon the 6 groups experienced navigation with out a member of staff by visiting various check points on the way through the villages to Sai Kung. We had great weather, super students and as always our dedicated team of staff.

Congratulations to the Following students who have recently been awarded their HKAYP!


Warren Ho, Jeffrey Hau, Kyle Leong, Dicky Lim, James Stunt, Yien Kung, Cordelia Wong,
Andrew Lee, Nicole Lee,Yan Phu, Karen Chan, Moeka Yoshida, Philip Chew, De Yi Ma
Athulram Rajagopal, Henry Kuk, Laura Sum, Sana Khullar, Isabelle Porter


Sahil Bhagat, Chan Tsz Yan, Ho Ching Stephanie, Kyle Lam Johnson, Maxwell Alfred Kerr
Kwan Hall Gi, Victor Deyou Meng, Teh Ir Ving, Yu Ka Ka

Our Alumni Dorian Lam and Marin Minamaya will be presented with their Gold Award in Government House on December 4th.