29 Apr 2021

HKAYP Gold Level Award Ceremony

The South Island School HKAYP team is proud to announce that 9 alumni SIS students were awarded the prestigious AYP Gold Level Certificate at Government House on Saturday 24th April. All of these students took part in the Gold level program at South Island School, conducting a series of challenging hikes at altitude in the Minya Gongga mountain region of the Sichuan region of China. In the following years, the students worked hard to complete the Physical Recreation, Skills, Service, and Residential Project aspects of the Gold award. We would like to offer our congratulations to the following alumni gold level awardees:

  • Sahil Bhagat
  • Michael Shin Forrer
  • Millie Leinster-Holt
  • Mei See Leung
  • Jeremy Chit Sung
  • Karan Yan
  • On Mei Fung
  • Kyle Lam Johnson
  • Bonita Lau Pui Kee