15 May 2020

Félicitations! Congratulations! To Our Spelling Bee Winners!

12 lucky winners (for Y7: Victoria Pau, Victoria Lu, Esther Yeung, Carina Koo, Andrea Lau & Maya Yeatmann-Biggs; and for Y8: Amelia Chow, Altarius Wang, Ruby Sylvester, Britney Chan, Amaanat Rekhi & Oscar Wong) will be entered into the Grand Final which will be on Monday 15th June P2A & B in school (we hope!)

In the Grand Final, they will be quizzed – for Y7, this will be on Stage 1 and Stage 2, and for Y8, this will be on Stage 3 & 4  – so students should prepare them all.

There will be certificates of achievement and prizes to win, as well as house points to earn!

Welcome Back SIS!