27 Oct 2017


SIS hosted the annual ESF Professional Development Day this year. The theme was around Wellbeing, of both students and staff. The day started with a Keynote speech from Dr Michael Carr-Gregg who is one of Australia’s highest profile child and adolescent psychologists in private practice. He has worked as an academic, author, researcher, and political lobbyist.

Michael Talked about levels of teacher stress in Australia and related this to the Hong Kong context. He shared some practical, evidence-based solutions.

The remainder of the day was divided up into workshops run by some ESF teachers and some outside speakers, 22 in total, including:

Ash Buchanan, the founder of Cohere, a social and environmental innovation agency and an associate of the Thrive Research Hub at the University of Melbourne who delivered workshops on contextual wellbeing framing, exploration of what mindsets are: including Fixed, Growth and benefit Mindsets, Why mindsets matter, Student and teacher wellbeing in our lives and in our world.

Richard Field, an acclaimed African safari guide and international keynote speaker delivered a presentation on ‘Embracing Personal Responsibility’

Ms. Jenny Chan, a Registered Clinical Psychologist of the Hong Kong Psychology Society, who has many years of experience working in the Social Welfare Department and psychiatric rehabilitation institution also spoke. She specialises in offering psychological assessment and treatment services for people suffering from depression, anxiety, trauma, adjustment difficulties and parent-child relational problems.

Sean Watt who works with schools to continually improve a positive and productive workplace led a workshop on Continual Improvement in Schools.

Some of the workshops were curriculum related and others about personal development. It was an excellent day and everyone had something to take away.

On Tuesday 31st October it is the Year 7 and 8 Guiding Day, so parents will be visiting school to have meetings with the Tutors. While this is happening the remainder of the staff will be looking on a second development opportunity. This time we will be working on differentiation within our curriculum and classrooms and working on specific units of work.