27 Oct 2017

Election of a Parent Member of the School Council

Dear Parents,

I am writing to tell you that 3 candidates have been nominated to fill a vacancy for a Parent Member on the School Council.

We will be sending you the ballot paper in an ESF envelope which lists the 3 candidates who have been nominated. Each of the nominated parents has prepared a brief personal statement which will be enclosed in the envelope. You are invited to take part in the voting process. Please note that ballot papers will be issued to students to take home on 2nd November 2017. It will be helpful if you can ask your son/daughter for the ballot papers to make sure they are not overlooked.

To ensure a robust and fair procedure is followed, ballot papers must be returned to the school in the ESF envelope provided. They may be posted (for the attention of the Clerk to School Council, South Island School, 50 Nam Fung Road, Aberdeen, Hong Kong) or placed directly in the ballot box located at the Main Reception. Ballot papers not in the correct ESF envelope or late arriving after the deadline will not be counted.

Each parent, up to a maximum of two per student, may vote but each parent has only one set of votes per school. Two sets of ballot papers and an envelope are provided. Completed ballot papers must be returned to the school by 4.00pm 15th November 2017.

Graham Silverthorne