Disruption in Hong Kong

Disruption Periods:

  • 12/Nov/19 – 20/Nov/19 – Civil Unrest – School Closure
  • 03/Feb/20 – 22/May/20 – COVID 19 – Online Learning
  • 25/May/20 – 24/Jun/20 – COVID 19 – Blended Learning
  • 10/Aug/20 – 22/Sep/20 – COVID 19 – Online Learning
  • 23/Sep/20 – 28/Sep/20 – COVID 19 – Blended Learning
  • 29/Sep/20 – ongoing – Campus Learning and Physical Distancing
It should be noted that living conditions of families in Hong Kong mean that not all students would have had their own space for learning, and that many had to work in conditions where several family members were zooming simultaneously. High speed internet is not also available in all homes. This availability is dependent on geographic location. Due to the concern for safety and well being from the beginning of the academic year 2019, many students were not allowed to leave the family home over a long period of time. Opportunities for extra curricular involvement was limited both in and outside of school, with public facilities, government services and sports facilities all being closed. For students who wanted to move their extra curriculars online, they were significant limitations to this also across Hong Kong.