8 Jul 2021

Congratulations to South Island School Class of 2021 on their IB Results!

This week, SIS students, staff and parents are celebrating by far the best ever IB results at SIS! 

This particular IB cohort has had to deal with challenges like no other group of students have ever faced before. As they nervously entered the exam season, our students were understandably questioning why they had to sit exams, whilst others across the world would receive a calculation based on their IA’s and predicted grades. We explained to our students that only by sitting the exams would they have the opportunity to do better than their predicted grades – and that if they continued to work hard all the way to the finish line, we knew that they would do us proud… Little did we know just how proud the Class of 2021 would actually make us!

As you can see from these general statistics HERE, from 2017 to 2020, our mean total points per IBDP student crept upwards from 35.1 to 36.6. We were cautiously optimistic in May that our extremely dedicated students and staff would be able to deliver results somewhere within this range, even in such a difficult year.

In fact, the average IBDP points score this year at SIS is 39.4! Our extremely talented and dedicated students have not just broken the SIS record, they have absolutely smashed it!

And our IBCP students have also done brilliantly, having achieved a 100% pass rate in their courses with a mean grade for all IB subjects of 5.4, well above the global average for all IB students of 5.1, and also smashing last year’s SIS average of 4.8.

Whatever your score, we trust you will be celebrating this week! Class of 2021, we are immensely proud of you all. Your achievements are simply amazing, and you will be a very tough act indeed for our students to follow.

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