22 May 2020

Chinese Year 7 Books & Year 10 Travel Videos

Year 7s have created these fantastic picture books on the theme of family and occupation. Well done! 

  • Akitsugu TANAKA link  
  • Iris DONOVAN link 
  • Matthew ROONEY link
  • Caitlin DAVIS link 
  • Jimmy LEE link 
  • Yannick KOEHLER link  

Here are some Travel Videos for those of you who love traveling but are stuck in Hong Kong for the time being. We hope these videos inspire you! 

  • New York by Larissa LAI, Melody WONG, Wing Yan NG link 
  • Japan by Andrea CHAN,Phoebe HUANG and Hazel LEE link

If you are new to Hong Kong, don’t miss these videos about the culture and places you must visit in Hong Kong! 

  • Traditional festival in Hong Kong by Charlotte WONG & Nathalie CHEUNG video link 
  • Famous buildings in Hong Kong by Charlotte YIU, Kristy POON video link
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