9 Jul 2020

Celebrating SIS IB Results 2020!

Congratulations to the South Island School Class of 2020 on another extremely impressive set of IBDP, IBCP, BTEC and IB Course certificate results! 

SIS students are accustomed to success overall – however, this has been a year when we have not been able to take anything for granted. With the unprecedented cancellation of the final examinations, and with more than usual riding on the internal and external assessments that were completed in very difficult circumstances, it would have been understandable if our overall results were worse than usual. 

However, our highly motivated students and exceptionally dedicated staff had other ideas! 

This year:

  • We are very proud to celebrate a 100% pass rate for our 14 IBCP students, as well as a 99% pass rate (156 students) amongst those who completed the IBDP, with 14 students also achieving the Bilingual Diploma;
  • 135 students scored 30 IBDP points or more – the world average is approximately 30 points, so this is a very impressive achievement;
  • 91 students scored 35 IBDP points or more, putting them in the top 25% of scores worldwide – at SIS, our average IBDP score was 35.5 per student;
  • An incredible 43 students scored 40 IBDP points or more, an absolutely world class score – with four students (Warren Ho, Hahn-Lon Lam, Brian Ma & Nicholas Ng) scoring an amazing 44 points, and Vereta Gour achieving the perfect score of 45 points!
  • 11 of our IBCP students scored an A or B grade in their personal projects.

You can read further statistics relating to our IBDP results HERE – and as you can see, our students’ achievements this year stack up very well compared to previous years. 

We trust our students and their families will find the time for a celebration within the next few days, and we hope everyone’s plans for the future run smoothly. Please keep in touch with us at SIS – and congratulations again to every student on their personal achievements in this most extraordinary year.

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