22 Jan 2018

Business Studies: Help Requested

Every year the IBCP Business students cover a unit on ‘visual merchandising’ and learn how retail stores combine product, environment, and space into a stimulating and engaging display to encourage the sale of a product or service. 

Part of the criteria for the unit requires the students to plan and assemble their own visual merchandising display in a retail context. 

 In the past our students have worked with both Duty Free HK (DFS) and the Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA) and this year we are looking for new opportunities for our students to demonstrate their learning outside of the classroom. 

If you know of any HK businesses that would be willing to let our students demonstrate their skills by working on displays in their store then could you please contact Mr Gwillym Cornes on corneg1@webmail.sis.edu.hk

Many thanks!

Gwillym Cornes

IBCP Coordinator