30 Oct 2019

BTEC Partnership Courses 2020-21

Next year the IBCP will be partnering with three exciting external providers to extend the provision of career-related subjects outside of South Island School to include the following: 
BTEC ICT (Subsidiary Diploma with BSD Education)
– Programming, design, data & digital marketing
BTEC Performing Arts (Subsidiary Diploma with HKAPA)
– Performance techniques, signing techniques, principles of acting, musical theatre and dance
Certificate in Hotel & Culinary Arts (non-BTEC qualification with HKICI)
– Culinary basics, food fundamentals, food preparation, hotel basics, housekeeping, front office management
Last week our Year 11 students were invited to take part in sample lessons to introduce these courses which included lessons in coding and mobile app design, singing & dance techniques and a mocktail workshop.
For further information, please contact Mr Cornes at gcornes@sis.edu.hk.
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