11 Jan 2019

BRIGHT – Social Entrepreneurship and Slavery Awareness Conference

The 24 Hour Race is excited to invite South Island School students to their inaugural social entrepreneurship and slavery awareness conference, BRIGHT. With some of Asia’s leading entrepreneurs scheduled to speak, the conference will be held on Saturday 23 February 2019 at NakedHub – Sheung Wan.

BRIGHT is a summit for future leaders against social injustice, and is exclusive to high school students. In addition to interacting with top-notch speakers, they will pair passionate students with industry experts to help foster the social entrepreneurial spirit through open discussions, workshops, and Q&A.

This is a great opportunity for Global Perspectives students in Years 10 and 11. It will provide a ‘real world’ insight into how we can be successful in business and as entrepreneurs whilst also making a positive difference in our communities and challenging social injustice. It will provide inspiration for Year 10 students thinking about their Group Project coursework component and Year 11 students thinking ahead to IB, CAS and leadership of events like the 24 Hour Race.

In gratitude for supporting and participating in the 24 Hour Race, the organisers would like to offer every participating student from South Island School a 50% discount, bringing tickets down from HK$125 to $62.5.

If you are interested in participating, you can  go directly to the website link below and sign up. The *Ticket discount code: RUNNER gives you 50% off the cost. If you do sign up, it would be great if you could let either Mrs Nicholas, Mr Edwards or your Global Perspectives teacher know so we have a record of who participated.

When: Saturday, 23 February 2019 | 10:00am – 6:00pm
Where: NakedHub, Sheung Wan

Sign up link: https://24hourrace.org/conference/

Syrita Nicholas / Ben Edwards
Head of Individuals and Society / Head of Global Learning