3 Jun 2016

Bread run for Year 7s and 8s

Hi everyone!

The Namas MAD council is going to hold our own version of the ‘Bread run‘ for Year 7s and 8s, on June the 8th (Wednesday) at breaktime, to raise awareness for the Feeding Hong Kong charity organisation.

The Bread run is run by the organisation on a weekly basis and it involves volunteers picking up fresh food and provisions from local bakery shops for shelters who are in need of them.

In our version of the Bread run we will have a quiz which contains questions that relate to the charity organisation. In teams of two, you will need to find the answers to these questions, which are placed all around the school, in order to win some of our wonderful prizes. The start point will be on the LOWER PLAYGROUND at the start of break on Wednesday June 8th.

We hope to see your participation in this exciting game in support of this cause!

Namas Mad Council (Shiena and Shriya)