General Information for All


Post-16 Admissions Policy

  1. Applicants must submit the application package in full.
  2. Parents may only submit one online application form per child with their selected preference of schools. Zoning applies for ESF primary and secondary schools. Discovery College and Renaissance College remain zone free.
  3. All Year 1 and Year 7 applications received within the Central Application Period (1 September to 30 September) have a computer generated random number. All the on-time applications will be ordered by priority category and random number for central processing. The interview list for each ESF/PIS school is then compiled taking into account the priority ordered list, the parent’s preferences as indicated on the online application form and the maximum number each school is able to interview. Applicants who are not able to gain a first round interview are waitlisted for their first preference school. Each year, our schools are oversubscribed with applications, hence we are not able to interview all applicants who apply on-time. Any Year 1 and Year 7 applications received after the Central Application Period will be placed at the end of their respective first preference school’s waiting list in date order of receipt.
  4. Applications for all other year levels are considered under application date order and added to the waiting list according to the first preference school and priority criteria.
  5. Applicants will be invited for interview and assessment at the school as vacancies become available; a meeting with parents is included in the process.
  6. Following a successful admissions interview and assessment, a place may be offered.
  7. Acceptance of the offer must be confirmed by payment of a deposit and a Capital Levy within the time frame specified on the offer letter, generally a period of between seven and 14 days.
  8. Acceptance of an offer is with a commitment of two academic years to the offering school before any transfer request can be made regardless of the residential address.
  9. Re-application is required when:
  • an offer for an interview and assessment has been declined;
  • an offer of a place has been declined;
  • a student has not met the entry requirements at interview and assessment. A new application may be submitted six months following the date of the last interview/assessment;
  • The one academic year validity period of the application has expired. Applicants on waiting lists at the end of the academic year may carry forward their waitlist position by reapplying for the following academic year.  Waitlist applicants will be contacted by email before April each year for re-application. No additional fee is required.

10. If a student meets the entry requirements for the school and there are no immediate places available, the child will be returned to the age-appropriate waiting list according to his/her priority status and, in the case of Central Admission applicants, the random number he/she was assigned. In the event a place becomes available within six months of the initial successful assessment, no further assessment will be required. If an offer is made for an alternative school, no re-interview and re-assessment is required.

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